istanbul in random – first part

busy busyThis just images from my Christmas Escape in Istanbul – in random viewing, I had 4 fantastic full days and 5 comfortable nights with just the right amount of Christmas.

On the morning of departure from Copenhagen Airport – I had a weird experience, as stepping off the bus at Landskrona station. A lady (my age) in a beautiful red coat more or less attacked me. I gave way for her to pass me, but she was busy on her mobile – so I asked her if she could walk on so I could pass and she became mental. She even threatened me; if I wasn’t careful she, should “give me one”. Told her that if she hit me it will be the last thing she ever hit and walked away.

It could have been that red color on her coat in combination with the rain … that made her so aggressive. Maybe there is some truth in that red cars are more involved in accidents than any other colors.

Copenhagen airport was packed with people going somewhere for Christmas. Normally the whole procedure with check-in and security check takes max 15 min. It took nearly 40. Copenhagen’s Airport security check is the most efficient in the world for the 4th year, voted by customers. Well done, Kastrup. bed details

Had lunch at the airport, a lovely panini with goat cheese and Parma ham plus of course I treated myself with a Kartoffelkage from the Lagkagehuset during the flight, the best cake in the world.

My days in Istanbul were like early spring days – blue sky and lovely sunshine, so Oscar and I had some fantastic field days in the Beyoğlu district (the European side), no pressure to run around trying to be a good tourist from one site to another and here is the bunch of our teamwork.

Beyoğlu, a historic neighborhood full of grand mansions, boutiques and echoes of an imperial past, but it holds today also the most exciting cafes, restaurants and clubs. And the busiest shopping street in the world, İstiklal Avenue, it can have up to 3 million visitors per day.

“An eye for an eye will
only make the whole world blind.”
Mahatma Gandhi

28 thoughts on “istanbul in random – first part

    • When I was 6-8 did I have an owl as a pet …. his name was Oscar, then name gives my a very happy feeling.
      Oscar died when our neighbor had given him a treat of bacon, it was an accident … the neighour was devestated and so was we. He thought he had given Oscar a treat.

    • Laura, never happened before – always met some really nice people – first time ever and hopefully the last.
      Thank you so much for your kind comment.

    • Maralee, thank you first of all for your compliments over my photos – yes you are so right …. not enough time and first of all not enough money to see all the places I want to see.
      Looked at aTransatlantic cruise with Curnard yesterday. from Hamburg to New York and fly back. It definitely has to wait or more like it will never happen. But I got a ticket for the lottery drawing tonight .. after I read about it.

  1. 🙂 Yup, I agree, Wivi – lovely pictures and you do have an excellent eye for details!
    What a ghastly woman! People do get strange when they’re in a rush and busy on the phone, not paying attention 😉
    Many hugs xo 🙂

    • Rainful morning hugs …. in return.
      Yes, ghastly was the right word – I was shocked at first – I was only kind to her. Can you image being married to a thing like that. *smile
      Thanks for the lovely comment.

  2. Oh, I love what you told the Rude in Red: ‘it will be the last thing you ever hit.’ Then walked away. **silent cheer for Viveka!** Love the photos, especially the ruins.

    • Loisa, love what you call her – rude in red – brilliant.
      The old house was so beautiful and very popular camera object for those that passed. All the details in the wood, it was under a restoring project,
      Thanks for the kind comment.

  3. I love these photos! So full of colour and form (really like the different way you’ve captured the cobblestones). I wish I could think of comebacks as quickly as your nifty reply to nasty red – they usually come to me 10 mins later!

    • Suzanne, the cobblestones – is the small stones of the base of the Taksim Sq monument. There is a round ring around the monument and it’s filled with these small soft stones, must have been picked by the ocean.
      Sometimes I find words at once, I think it has to do with working in a very male dominated world for so many years. She was still calling me things as I walked away.

    • Yes, aggressive women we can live without – glad I have forgotten how she look like, but I will recognize the coat. It was so beautiful.
      Oscar and I like Istanbul ….. million objects to capture. Thanks, Sylvia!

  4. What a kaleidoscope of fun and colour, Vivi! That’s Istanbul, I guess 🙂 If you’d hit that woman with your handbag she’d have known it! The nerve of some people 😦
    What a sad story about Oscar! Have a good weekend, hon 🙂

    • Yes, Oscar he was such a wonderful bird … a real pet. And he visited all the neighbors every day.
      My handbag was too heavy and I had my netbook in it … wouldn’t waste that on her. *laughing …. what a woman. She was so well dressed, but the language she used was unbelievable.
      You’re right …. Istanbul is full of colors … like no other place I been to. Our weekend seems to be very wet and windy, but I will do my best. Same goes to you. Friday hugs…

  5. The aggressive woman is just a self-centered ^#$%@! Cheers to returning to Istanbul, which is a place that is on my bucket list. Love the cooperative efforts that you and Oscar provide.

    • Frank, I think it was her red coat that made her aggressive.
      Couldn’t believe her outburst.
      Thank you so much … there will be more images from the magical city. We were very busy. *smile

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