in malmoe without a goal

malmö city hallI can say how long it’s since I walked around the streets of Malmoe (Malmö), must be about 30 years ago at least. I was in for a quick visit with friends looking for a shirt, but it was just about walking one short street.

So when my lovely blogging sister, Ann Christine@Leya suggested Malmoe as our destination for our day out together ….in the company of our cameras, I was all for it and even a bit excited, even if Malmö is only 45 min away from Landskrona with train.

Malmö is Sweden’s 3rd biggest city with 307 600 residents – Sweden is a quite big country with very few people. *smile Malmö has some stunning old buildings in its city center.

We met at the Malmoe Central Station, but it didn’t take many minutes walk before we both felt is was time for coffee and caught in my eye as we walked over first square – a little cafe ” Cafe Mäster Hans”, that turned out to be very big. Great coffee and fluffy “selma” and interesting decor, so our cameras got some work to do.

Just outside the cafe we run into the “Optimist Orchestra” – a wonderful statue by the Swedish artist Yngve Lundell … unveiled 1985 – somebody had put some really beautiful knitted outfits on the orchestra members.

Ann-Christine asked if we had a goal for a day … and I suggested that we just see where it lead us. So we walked up along one straight line and we walked a distance between two train stations “with a return ticket”. (totally 4 km/2,5 miles).  No wonder I could hardly move this morning.the optimist orchestra

The day led us into some fashion shops, boutiques with beautiful boots and bags (came out empty handed), shopping mall (came out with a sturdy lock for my basement storage unit) and the most posh coffee shop we have ever seen – Nespresso, we went inside to see if George Clooney was there.

In a corner of Gustaf Adolf’s Sq was a little Winter wonderful land – but we never saw it lit up – and one of the big trees was decorated with colorful Christmas gifts, but the weather was too dull for our cameras to pick up the colors. Also one part of the street there were Christmas decorations made from recycled milk cartons and pet bottles, brilliant and so easy to do, here a city had done it.tree gifts brilliant idea

We passed over the Davidhalls bridge we notice there was models of shoes once owned by famous artists (deceased) from our county, Skåne, Scania. Such a lovely idea.

We had coffee twice and last minute lunch at a Mexican street food restaurant “La Raza” – a great place with great food and great staff. Everybody working there had a big generous smile and great attitudes to share.

We made a visit to “Lilla Torg” (The Little Sq) with all the old buildings and the Square and a massive table lamp as decoration, beautiful area of the city center of Malmoe with loads of small shops, restaurants and cafes. The dark start falling around 3pm, so we got a chance to enjoy the dusk falling and all the inviting lights around the square.

Nearby the station Ann Christine notice a big building lit up in purple of course we both went mental with our cameras, beautiful object and colorful end of our day together … after that was just a rush to the station, buy tickets and a devil’s rush to the platforms without even saying goodbye, but that was fixed over the mobiles.

For a while I thought I jumped on the wrong train again (happened a couple of times) so I was more or less set on having to get off in Helsingborg and take a new train back down to Landskrona, but the train was on the right route and stopped 6.10pm at Landskrona station.small city - bright lights

Ann Christine, thanks for a colorful and brilliant date –

Give me a couple of weeks and when my feet are back to ”normal” I will start thinking about another date with you.

To the rest of you I give you a very serious, handsome and dancing man from Malmoe. Enjoy! (not my video)
Yesterday in Malmoe – made me realize that it’s a fun loving city that doesn’t take itself too seriously; Love it!

“Walking is man’s best medicine.”
Hippocratesmalmö central station


23 thoughts on “in malmoe without a goal

    • Nia, you know that you’re so welcome to visit whenever you want to. There are really cheap flights up for grab, both with Pegagus and Turkish Airlines. Sweden would love to have you two visiting. *smile Bengt and Margurithe says hello!
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

    • Carol, yes … we had a great day and we just take things as they comes – no stress. We always have a great time together, but we don’t see each other that often but maybe that’s why we such a great time. *smile

    • Maralee, thank you …. Malmö wasn’t that great 30 years ago, but now excellent and very fun loving. *smile
      Something for your Sweden bucket list.

    • Suzanne, my feet is still a bit sore – but is they are they way they are – numb most of the time. *laughing.
      Yes, I thought of your photo from Budapest when I saw the shoes, at least the shoes in Malmö don’t symbolic such a terrible event. So looking forward to our date too … so exciting over going back to Brighton.

  1. A great day we had – and it wasn’t as cold in Malmoe as it can be! Great shots – I also loved those five in a row (six of them with the little guy). Hope your feet are coming along nicely now!

    • Yes, it was true great …. just enough of everything. *smile
      Optimist Orkestern – heter statyn.
      My feet are what they are – they have to carry on. *smile

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