“innocent people can’t afford me”

This pasted weekend has been a movie weekend for me – catching up on movies I wanted to see, but not got around to.

I posted a review on “The Hundred-Foot Journey” two days ago. A movie I really liked and now we come to one even better – one of the best for a very long time.

“The Judge” staring  Robert Downey Jr. & Robert Duvall as son and father, son is a defense lawyer for high paying “guilty” clients and father a judge.the judge - cinemaxx ro

I knew very little about the movie, but it’s now one of the best in my book. Very powerful and emotional – have to confess it had me in tears. What I understand hasn’t the critics been very kind against the film – but what do the critics know about real film???!!!

Directed by David Dobkin, who has done Wedding Crashers, Fred Claus, The Change-Up and the TV-series Badlands.the judge - gopixpic com

Thomas Newman is the man behind the 27 track soundtrack. The track you listen to now is Tim Myers – Hills to Climb, but Bon Iver with Holocene and Willie Nelson preforming Coldplay’s ” The Scientist” is also great tracks.

With actors like Downey Jr and Duvall is there bound to be excellent performances and they deliver more than that – together they are dynamite. Just an amazing duo. Hopefully an Oscar nomination will come up for them and the film.

It’s easy to forget the other actors performances in the movie, but they all are outstanding.

Robert Downey, Jr. – Henry “Hank” Palmer
Robert Duvall – Judge Joseph Palmer
Vera Farmiga – Samantha “Sam” Powell
Vincent D’Onofrio – Glen Palmer
Jeremy Strong – Dale Palmer
Billy Bob Thornton – Dwight Dickham
Sarah Lancaster – Lisa Palmer
Dax Shepard – C.P. Kennedy

“Hank Palmer is a successful defense attorney in Chicago, who is getting a divorce. When His brother calls with the news that their mother has died, Hank returns to his childhood home to attend the funeral. Despite the brittle bond between Hank and the Judge, Hank must come to his father’s aid and defend him in court. Here, Hank discovers the truth behind the case, which binds together the dysfunctional family and reveals the struggles and the secrecy of the family (text imdb.com -Warren D’Souza)”

In my book it is  a nearly perfect created drama and comedy with loads of anger and unspoken words. It’s a long movie, 141 min  … but I didn’t notice.

Robert Downey Jr. plays a brilliant, smart talking, sarcastic big city lawyer. Robert Duvall a powerful, respected and popular judge in the small town of Carlinville, Indiana.the judge - 1013jackfm ca

Vincent D’Onofrio plays Glen, the big brother, once a very promising baseball player, but a car accident caused by Hank stops his carrier. The youngest brother Dale (Jeremy Strong), a mentally handicapped man with an obsession for making films.

On the day after their mother’s funeral is “the judge” accused to have killed a truly “bad guy” (murder) in a hit and run accident and Hank are called off his flight back to Chicago in the last minute.  Hank also finds out that his father has stage 4 cancer and the chemo treatment, causes him temporary memory loss.”the judge” can’t recall the accident, but he can recall that he wanted to kill the victim.

Dax Shepard plays the young local un-experienced lawyer, C.P. Kennedy, that “the judge” wants for his defense.

Hank has problems within his marriage with a divorce and custody battle over his young daughter coming up plus he has to face his high school sweetheart that he once just left without a word.

The film isn’t really about the trial. It’s a story of a painful past and old wounds, flashbacks of a happy childhood are luring the audience into caring about a bitter sick old man who doesn’t want help from his guilty feeling and also bitter son.the judge - bestride com

This film is a fine example of a well produced film and all parts are so wonderful and believable preformed. It’s a very personal film. A tale of family and redemption.

Every family is dysfunctional,
whether you want to admit it or not.”
Shailene Woodleythe judge - listal com

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featured image – mexico-patobot.com.

19 thoughts on ““innocent people can’t afford me”

    • Loisa, please let me know what you think – there hasn’t been any really good movies around for a while – I also watched “Gone Baby” and I think it was a truly boring film, nothing special at all. But this one ticked all my boxes and I can’t remember when I was in tears watching a movie last.

  1. I always like to hear reviews from people who aren’t critics. I also heard that the critics weren’t very kind. I think I’ll check this one out on your recommendation. Thanks Viveka!

    • Carol, you will like it …. And it’s not a boring court room drama. The acting is so brilliant. I hope there will be some Oscars coming its way. There has been very little about this movie over here.

  2. Downey, Duvall and Thornton – great acting promised. Even the story sounds good. Brilliant acting is essential for me to see a movie and it can make an average movie into a very good one. Thank you for the review! It’s on my list.

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