where was the 5* guests????

As you most of you know did I a Christmas escape to Istanbul …. 5 nights on 5* star hotel and with 5* service. The hotel is amazing and really lived up to its classification, but the guests were the worst I ever met.christmas hotel

I couldn’t say how many hotels I stayed on in my life so far … but it must be a couple of 100, but never had I stayed in a hotel with guests like I did at the Elite World Hotel in Istanbul. Such a pity for the hotel, not their fault.

Elite World Istanbul Hotel
Sehit Muhtar Caddesi No 42
Taksim, Istanbul 34435
++ 90 212 313 838

5* – 90-615€ Bed&Breakfast, 245 rooms

On arrival did I go to the sister hotel that is next door – but very warmly welcomed and it was fixed in minutes and both I and my luggage was at the right hotel, the service was just outstanding.

When I came to my room 2104 – my booked double bed wasn’t there … in the very stylish room. I haven’t slept in a single bed for over 30 years, so I would have fallen out of it. My room had twin singles.corridor

Azzi, my porter, was on the phone straight away and there wasn’t any double rooms left. One was very small and the other was smoking, but he said that they will put the two beds together for me and asked if that was okay. Fine by me.

The hotel manager phoned and asked if everything was okay – very sweet of him.

My flight was over 1 hour late, so I was so hungry … so I just rushed down to the Brasserie that is located next to the lobby. Only guest and the young lady that served me was very nice and helpful. It was now 9.30pm and the hot buffet must have been out for over 2 hours, because all main course was very dry – but I survived on the lovely starters, salad buffet and desserts.

My bed problem was fixed as I returned to my lovely room – bathroom was very big and had everything, but a separate rain shower and a Jacuzzi with hand shower. Big comfortable room with very tasteful decor – got complimentary mineral water every day.

A room with a view??? No, I had a room in the back of the hotel to a narrow alley and looking straight into an office building, very quiet and so that was no problem for me, didn’t spend much time in the room anyway.

I could see the morning sun and that was a great feeling, to see the sun so soon I opened my eyes.first morning

If there was anything to complain about regarding the rooms, was it the heat- far too warm at nights. I was able to sleep with an open window, it was explained to me that the hotel hadn’t adjusted to the mild weather.

Breakfast – outstanding, variety and choices were endless. Breakfast was served in a restaurant above the lobby and very big. Here was where everything went wrong.

The guests were ignorant, abusive and didn’t have any manners at all. It was like the jungle, to eat or be eaten. I was pushed away from a table on my second breakfast by a family, but I found another straight away.

They picked up bread with their hands… smelled on it and put it back. By the buffet was it just to keep the head down and step to the side at times. Picked up food from the platters with their hands on the buffet, not all, but too many for my taste.welcome inside

One morning was every table taken and I waited to be seated – a young man came and he was very upset because there were no free tables, the restaurant manager told him to wait, because I should have a table first. She got me a table and the waiter re-set it very quickly.

The angry young man saw that the table next to me became free. I left my postcards on my table and went to the buffet, when I came back he had put all the clearing from his table on mine. I was so close to put all of it back on his table, but I thought if I do that I will be down on his level and not worth it. The waiter saw what had happened and he came at once.mini trees

The same thing with the lifts, doesn’t matter how crowded the lifts were.. they still entered it with luggage or buggies.

I was shocked over people’s behavior against the staff … no respect whatsoever or is it normal behavior, only me that isn’t used to it.

I used the SPA and had a fantastic Swedish Massage,: 50€ – well spent money. A beautiful SPA and swimming pool complex and the “girls” so lovely.

After that I had lunch, a salad and coffee in the coffee bar; Coffee Company – very well presented and excellent coffee.

There is nothing bad to say about the hotel’s standard, location, service or staff. World Class all the way through. The hotel was extremely busy, fully booked every night and the staff was just amazing. Nothing was a problem and big smiles around all the time, they made me feel very special – what a nice feeling.  hotel stairs

Such a pity about the guests. Maybe I was unlucky because it was a Christmas break .. or maybe that is how people are.

It was my second visit to Istanbul and the first time I stayed on a very small design hotel that had very nice and relaxed breakfast environment.

I would love to come back for another Christmas Escape at the Elite World Istanbul Hotel, because I really like everything about the hotel and the service, but the breakfast experience has turned me off.

Have checked on Tripadvisor and nobody else  has complained about the guests – so it’s only me???? Maybe I’m dull – based on Oscar Wilde’s quotation.

‘Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.’
Oscar Wildehotel entrance 1

26 thoughts on “where was the 5* guests????

  1. I had similar experiences at a resort in Cancun a few years ago. I am not sure why people think its ok to touch buffet food and then put it back. And I will never understand how or why people are so rude to others. It just doesn’t make sense.

    • I totally agree, why can’t we smile back .. when people are smiling to you … and act with respect to everyone. And all the food that was wasted, because they just filled up their plates to the max and left more or less everything. Instead of visit the buffet more than one time. To look at some tables nearly put me off eating. Now I know. *smile

  2. Such a shame that people can be so thoughtless – courtesy and patience doesn’t cost anything and makes everyone feel that little bit better. Glad the experience hasn’t put you off!

    • Courtesy was the word I was looking for – patience wasn’t even close to that breakfast room. Alison, we learn something new everyday. I would like to go back next Christmas, maybe I should chose a smaller hotel. The hotel was brilliant.

  3. Wow. Those guests truly were appalling. Was there a convention for rude people happening? The touching buffet food with hands thing would have made me feel very ill indeed. I am glad the hotel and its staff were lovely but I am sorry you had to endure those terrible guests.

    • For me is so unacceptable to treat staff without respect. The way some of the guest behaved and talked to them, even if I didn’t understand what they said, I can hear it in the tune of their voice and acting.
      I don’t know if it’s this way people are at breakfast on big hotels in Turkey. Or if it was because they had a great offer on. Feel so sorry for the hotel, because it was top class.

    • Loisa, thank you so much – were moaning about it when I checked out. Have a good friend with the same experience somewhere else in Turkey.
      Yes, with take food with hands, when there was serving tools for every dish. This with smelling on bread and if don’t like … put it back… even if it was only 10% maybe.

    • Maralee, I don’t know what countries the guests came from – we were very few English spoken, 10 in total maybe. It was terrible at times. But now I know. *smile
      Didn’t feel for eating alone on my room, maybe that is what I have to do, because I really like the hotel.

    • Colleen, I have heard more stories about other hotels.
      Yes, I felt so sorry for the staff – but they kept on smiling, They never came down to the guests’ level.

  4. 🙂 Some people just have no manners at all – they think if they pay their fee for the hotel they own it and the staff as well. Terrible. It’s THEM not you!
    Have a very good night and many hugs xoxoxo 🙂

    • Maybe it was because they had such great discount to fill the hotel over Christmas, when not many visitors in the city.
      Here comes a great week hug …. *smile

  5. I heard about this, live, from you – and these things only makes one sad. I don’t think I would have been able to put up smiles and being nice to everyone when getting such guests…

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