welcome 2015

yummyI have a tradition to start the new year with a champagne breakfast – with pancakes, fresh asparagus, grilled bacon and hollandaise sauce together with a couple of glasses of champagne

This year I have managed to just finish my new year start before the New Year Concert from Vienna started 11.15am, also I MUST for me so long as I can remember – at least so long as TV had a part in my life. Over 50 years.

This year I am going to sign up for a ticket – every year lottery tickets out among the music lovers throughout the world, who have registered. There are normally 3500 tickets will be drawn and you must register your interest between 2 January at 0:00 and 23 January at 24:00. It is only during this time that expressions of interest for the next concert is received. It is not possible to register multiple times, but you can sign up again to all three performances, but they are not for free; €150-530.

My last day of 2014 did I partly spent with friends, but the evening I was alone …. so when it was time for the countdown I got my big bowl of ice cream and I watch the firework from my balcony. My neighbors had loads to send up and at times I was afraid the some of the should hit me or end up in my kitchen.

Then I watched a concert with Robbie Williams and Take That on one of the Danish TV channels – what a show …. I’m a big fan of Robbie, the concert was recorded in Manchester, UK, in 2011 – what a show. Didn’t turn off the TV until 2.50am.

Because I never give promises for the new year, but I have plans and wishes. Wishes that the world going to be a better place for all of us and I that I will get through my 24 day trip to Hong Kong and Japan in April without any bigger problems. I wish that 2015 is going to be gentle to us all.

Thank you 2014 – you were in overall a very good year for me and Welcome 2015!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
Oprah Winfrey

 dancing movements

33 thoughts on “welcome 2015

  1. Det verkar som om Du hade en fin sista kväll på året. Gott Nytt År min vän och tack för senast. 🌹🌹🌹❤️

    • Hjärte tack … Maja! Ja, jag hade ett mycket mysigt slut – fast jag var verkligen rädd för raketerna – var halvdöv när jag stängde dörren.
      Nu slipper man smällandet på ett tag. Hjärte tack till Dig … och ditt värdskap.

  2. Wow, I like the sound of your New Year breakfast, Viveka! And you have reminded me I missed the New Year Concert on TV…..i always try to watch it but was with friends today. Here’s to 2015 being a good year!

    • Sue,my New Year breakfast, I started with while living in UK and I worked nearly every New Year – so to bright up the start of the new year. *smile
      This year I found the concert a bit boring, only sections of dancing, but it belongs to my New Year start. Friends are more important than TV:

      • Oh, of course, friends are way more important than TV…..but I had intended to record it. Anyway, it was on TV again last evening, so I watched it then!!

  3. Best wishes for a great 2015. Hong Kong sounds wonderful. I’m hoping to get to London, England where my son is now living. Looking forward to more of your wonderful photos and stories, Viveka! Keep posting! Love Carol

    • Carol, I hope too that you will make it to London, fantastic city … Yes, I’m very excited over my trip to Hong Kong and mostly Japan. My side effects after my cancer journey has been playing up this year … so I’m a bit worried how I will manage for so many days …. it’s the use of Tena that worries me most. Need one suitcase only with them and what do I do if I run out. Massive problem really and I worry just now. Sure I will get my head around it until then. Carol, thank you so much for your faithful support!

    • Frank, so glad that you include my sorry ass …because it’s a big part of me these days.
      Thank you for a 2014 and the fantastic “friendship” – I wish for you to keep on dancing and ringing … and I wish you and your lovely one only the best for 2015.

    • Colline, life becomes what we make it too …. especially when living alone – so when I lived in UK I started my ice cream and breakfast tradition – because I worked so hard nearly every day. Put a little gold dust on my existence.
      I wish you only the best for 2015!

  4. What a stylish lady you are, Vivi 🙂 But then, I knew that 🙂 🙂 I watched the Vienna concert too. Wasn’t the dancing magical? That’s about all we had in common because it was toast for breakfast and corned beef hash for tea in our house 🙂
    Last night I watched the Queen concert with Alan Lambert and he was magnificent. Actually a worthy Freddie successor- a voice and a personality! Then London fireworks 🙂 Happy 2015 to you. I’ll join you in that wish for peace and a better world. Hugs, Vivi. 🙂

    • Stylish???!!!! I don’t know about that …. but thank you so much for calling me that. I love “corn beef hash” and I think a toast for the new year the first morning is a nice way to start the new year. I don’t toast at midnight. I’m going to watch the London Fireworks on Youtube now. Something I never missed while I lived in UK. It is always magnificent. Freddie, what a lost that is. Glad they have found somebody that can fill his place. Isn’t Alan an American or do I mix up the Lamberts ?????? Yes, the world isn’t the best for most of us – but it’s some of us that make it that way.

      • I had never seen Lambert before so don’t know the history. I’ll have to use our Google friend too. He’s like a young George Michael 🙂

      • You don’t mean Adam ????? Because he won American Idol a couple of years ago – great voice. I always thought that George would step in for Freddie, but I can understand that Adam Lambert will be very suitable for Queens.

      • Jo, there is one thing you aren’t … that is supitid. *laughing …. so get that pretty head out from the sack.
        Have downloaded the movie now … going to enjoy it this evening. Thanks.

    • Sylvia, Happy New Year – sorry …. I missed your comment here. Yes, 2015 is going to be very exciting, mostly because of my trip to Hong Kong and Japan. Can’t wait, nearly done with everything only one airline ticket left to book, Hiroshima back to Tokyo. Japanese airlines are not very straight forward. The same to you … have a really great year!!!

    • Jo, sorry for missed this little comment from you – yes, it was a very quiet weekend – mostly watching movies. Glad that the cards has arrived. Laundry Day hug …. now starts the fun *laughing. Good Morning, I forgotten to say.

    • I totally agree … and there was more dancing too. They said that the designer came from Romania or something this year. Loved last years.
      I have put myself up for a ticket in the lottery … for the concert 2016. We never know.

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