weekly photo challenge – warmth

great fluffFor me is there nothing that keeps my heart feeling warm and all fuzzy as lights and colors, especially during the dark months of the year …. and when my heart is warm I feel very cozy.

My gallery is only a couple of days old – captured during on my Christmas escape to Istanbul. Found this small area of sparkling light and colors …… two streets only; Şair Nedim Cad and Süleyman Seba Cad in Akaretler – Beşiktaş.

And of course a great cup of coffee ……

“Christmas is a blanket that warms our cold hearts.”
Toni Sorenson


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26 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – warmth

  1. I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed in here dear Viveka. Sorry I was busy with my son and daughter. They are still here and we have appointments with them. Tomorrow they are going to leave us. Happy New Year, dear!
    Thanks and Love, nia

    • Thanks, NIa – had a fantastic time … and kept myself busy with walking around with Oscar – and have the most amazing meals both for lunch and dinner. Had too much to drink too … at least for two evenings – but who cares.
      Happy New Year … from a wintery Landskrona.

    • Thank you … thank you. Yes, big plans for the New Year; me, the fireworks and a big bowl of ice cream. A friend is coming for a short visit the day before. Only one night.

  2. I enjoyed this festive post and came over here from Jo’s place. I loved her angel on her tree that sent us to visit your lovely post! I am thankful for Jo and others I have met, hope we can connect in the New Year, too. Vivi, Wishing you many happy times ahead!

    • Thank you so much … for your lovely comment and for visiting me. Jo, is a very special person in my life – and I love her to bits. Such a wonderful soul and heart.
      I wish you a fantastic ending followed by a gentle start.
      Hope we will meet again. Vivi

  3. Wonderful colours and warmth, Viveka! I’m glad you had a great stay and safely back again! Maybe we could meet in Malmoe one of the days of the new year? My foot has been operated on so I cannot drive a car that easily…Happy New Year to you with a warm hug!

    • A-C, yes …. I think Malmoe after New Year would be great. Ages since I had a walk around in Malmoe. Are you able to walk with your foot?????
      Had a fantastic stay, but they hotel guests was the worst kind I ever met and it spoiled my start of the day, but that bit is over now. I give you a call on New Years Day – after the concert. I wish you only the best for 2015 and so many hugs you need and want.

    • Yes, I wasn’t expecting something like this in Istanbul … it was so fantastic and stylish done and in a very small area. It was like coming into a winter wonderland without the snow, but I think they will get some tonight.
      Thank you so much for your always so lovely comments.
      Tina, I wish you only the best for 2015!

    • Yes, it was truly magical ….. not a Christmas person as such – so I wanted to go somewhere that Christmas isn’t normal. Istanbul had just the right amount of Christmas. Best thing I have done for years. Happy New Year.

      • That is why I came to the wonderful Nedarlands..to escape and I succeeded.

        Hugs my dear Vivika!

      • So happy for you …. and even more happy that you have found love at the right place and the right time in your life.

        Sleepy hugs back … time for bed. *smile

    • Sylvia, thank you …. yes, like that little quote too .. eve with me not being a Christmas fan …. think that Christmas makes our world so much softer. *smile

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