somebody has listening

snow powderbecause ….. I got what I wish for on my return home – flying over the Southern part of Sweden, my county – it is dusted with white snow.

I was up 5am – my lovely driver; Erkan, was there as booked 7am… and it was so comfortable sitting in the back seat of his great car swishing along the motorway in pouring rain.

My flight was at 11am – had plenty time at the airport, but it is needed – it took nearly 1,5 hour from arrival at the airport to being through the security check. I slept most of the flight so it went very quick.

So home sweet home – it really felt good to go home this morning – Istanbul was wetter than wet and I had got what I wanted from the city for now. Istanbul is fantastic, but only in small portions at the time. So intense.

Bags unpacked, mail been read … and now it is time to put a “TV-dinner” into the micro and an early evening in bed – because tomorrow is everything back to normal again.  

So until the end May …. Thanks Istanbul, for giving me such an amazing escape.

“The thrill of coming home has never changed.”
Guy Pearce

wet departure

19 thoughts on “somebody has listening

    • Yes, safely home … slept for 12 hours. Not much snow left – but I need the frost because my freezer is in strong need of love, care and tenderness.
      Hope that you will get your snow free winter.

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