christmas leftovers

x-mas street

Even in a city that are not celebrating Christmas I found plenty of it and I’m so happy that I found my Christmas, because I love the light Christmas creates – and I think I would have been very disappointed if I had seen a Christmas tree and Santa. midnight proud

The most beautiful part is the area around the two streets Şair Nedim Cad and Süleyman Seba Cad in Akaretler – Beşiktaş by the Shangri-La Hotel and W Hotel. Something I came across when having dinner at Gile and of course I didn’t have Oscar with me, so I just had to return to the area a couple of evenings later.

And people are still eating “al fresco” until midnight everywhere – I suppose something has do with the smoking. The evenings have been so mild, around +12C/54F plus the heating lamps, but still … their food must get cold in seconds.

I was told that there was a big Christmas Party on the streets on 24th, but I was having dinner in another part of the city, if I had known I would have swapped my restaurant bookings around.

My hotel is offering Christmas decorations and lights too. Taksim Sq have their 3 Christmas trees and some beautiful lights.

I even met an elf.

To escape to Istanbul was the best thing I have done for a very long time, the city sparkles 24/7. I have been thinking of going away over Christmas for years, but it wasn’t possible while mum was alive – even if we didn’t celebrate Christmas as such to leave her sitting alone over Christmas was out of the question.x-mas cupcakes

Have always spent my “off duty” Christmas with her. Where ever I lived in the world, I have always gone home for Christmas – and now I can go away for Christmas …. and it will be an escape again and again, but maybe not to Istanbul every time.

Now it’s time to start packing – early departure tomorrow! Back home and hopefully there will be a little bit of snow.

“There’s something about Christmas that’s magical.
Money just seems to disappear into thin air.”
Melanie WhiteSt. Antony of Padua's crib

25 thoughts on “christmas leftovers

    • Yes, Maralee ….. it looks like it’s a city full of magic the whole year around. I hope Istanbul is on your bucket list. *smile …. already booked a new trip in beginning of June.

    • Sue, I had a fantastic time .. just the right amount of everything.
      Waiting for my airport transfer just now … a bit too early. It’s going to be nice to be home this afternoon.

  1. It looks fabulous and I’m glad you made the right decision, Vivi. 🙂 It’s snowing like crazy on the west side of the country but hasn’t got here yet. I don’t need it 🙂 You know I’m a sunshine Suzy. Travel safe and I’ll ‘see’ you at home. 🙂

    • Good Morning, in waiting for airport transfer. It has snowed a bit in Simrishamn to … but it looks like nothing has fallen in Landskrona yet. They have promised us a Russian winter this season…. I don’t hope so, but a little snow I want. I love the combination snow and sunshine. See you from home. Transit hugs ….

    • Yes, Oscar did a great job with the light show on the beautiful buildings. I find just the right amount – not one Christmas song, but I didn’t miss it.
      Happy New Year, Sylvia …

    • Thank you so much, sorry I have missed this comment of yours. Happy New Year!!!
      The Christmas was a little merry … because of the great wines I had – but my visit to Istanbul just had the right amount of Christmas. Some I will do again. *smile

      • I’m glad to hear this Viv. And no worries about delays, life has a way of keeping us busy with things. Forgive my absent visits from last week and this as I have just moved, and still very busy unpacking. My stolen moments at the computer are a welcome blessing. And Happy New Year again, my friend. 🙂

      • Moving – somebody has said that is the most traumatic things for us after our birth. Moving isn’t my thing and during my years in UK I moved so many times, so I stay put for now on.
        I feel for you – but it’s also very nice to see everything coming on it’s place. Take it easy – not all boxes have to be emptied at once.
        Happy Moving …. and Good Luck with the new home. *smile

    • Karen, thanks … sorry, for missing your comment – yes, my Christmas escape was just perfect, even if it started to rain on the last day afternoon. Just the right amount of Christmas for me – so it’s something I will do again. Happy New Year.

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