istanbul delights

famous pigeonsSo here I’m again, back in magical Istanbul – a city that is a true delight in itself.

Been out and about with Oscars on narrow back streets … and also looking for the post office, that is really well hidden. New try tomorrow.

Woke up to a very bright morning so far away from the soaking wet one I had when I left Sweden.first morning

The hotel is truly fantastic and the service is outstanding – went to the wrong hotel on arrival, but it’s the same manager for both – so that was very quickly sorted.

When I checked in he turned my booking details over to a pretty lady next to him, because he didn’t know how to check me in. So I said that to him; that must mean that you’re the manager. He looked at me and started to laugh … and said how did you know.

Then he said he thought I was truly lovely – so was he … so handsome and elegant, but I didn’t tell him that – I had embraced him enough. He phoned my room later to find out if everything was okay with check-in and the room. Very sweet of him.

My flight was nearly 110 min late in the end – but my transport was there. A lovely and handsome man with a big smile and with a big comfortable BMW – found out that he has been living in Bistrol for nearly 10 years.under hotel tree

Moved back to Istanbul 4 years ago. He also told me that he had a Swedish girlfriend for many years while living in Bistrol, but she didn’t want to move to Istanbul and he didn’t want to move to Sweden.

Now happily married with a local girl and have a 6 month old baby boy.  The world is truly small at times.

Today is it “little” Christmas Eve in Sweden, that is when we dress up the Christmas tree and wrap all the gifts. So tonight will I dress up and wrap myself into great food and good wine at one of Istanbul’s best restaurants, by name Gile.

Tomorrow ….. Christmas Eve and another story to be told.

“The perfect Christmas tree?
All Christmas trees are perfect!”
Charles N Barnardred hot

39 thoughts on “istanbul delights

    • Colleen, I know what you mean – don’t remember him from the Square – was gladly suprised when I checked my images. Just my type of guy. Have to go back tomorrow to see if he is there … he has a lovely smile.

      • I met my Christmas yesterday evening … even if it cost me a bit in taxi fare I just have to go back – because I didn’t have Oscar with me. So all my senses are filled … And we have another fantastic sunny morning. Going out to look for another handsome man with a nice smile … after breakfast.

      • What a lovely way to be spending Christmas. Appreciating all the glorious and beautiful things of earth. 🙂

        Merry Christmas Viveka. WE have just started our Christmas Eve day, I still have half a day to work before I head to my daughter’s for family.

      • Colleen, I know from my heart that you have had a beautiful and pleasant Christmas- in a way I am a bit envious of those that have somebody to spend Christmas with, but life is what it’s and we have to make …. the best of it.
        Merry Christmas and I hope the new year will touch you and your loved ones very gentle.

      • Thank you Viveka. You are so sweet. I hope that the new year will be as kind and gentle to you. And full of color and great things to see, and taste and experience. 🙂

  1. I wasn’t expecting to find you here- silly me! That plate is fabulous, isn’t it? I’m trying to put together a special post for tomorrow so I’ll catch up with you then. Take care 🙂

    • Jo, I had some hours to kill before dinner. Yes, that plate was so beautiful, but my favorite is the roast chickens.
      Now it’s time for some pancakes with fresh fruit and honey. Life can be hard at times. *smile
      A sunny morning hug.

      • I love it that you’re an early bird- not wasting the day. I’ll check out your Christmas Eve post later and think of you 🙂 I’m still on first cup of coffee and a post to finish, then a little outing to look at Christmas pretties, then work like crazy 🙂 🙂 But that’s ok for us crazies 🙂 Sticky hug!

      • Good Morning, not that early … I’m 2 hours ahead of you.
        10am here.
        Go easy on yourself … there comes a life after Christmas, you know …. I will open my presents this afternoon.
        Now it’s time to book a massage for tomorrow and then hit the sunshine again. Feeling good hug >>>>

    • Forgot the 2 hours!! 🙂 Hope you had a good day. Sunny here too- chilly sunshine. My museum was closed this morning so I’ll have to go back on Saturday but I had a nice riverside walk instead. Off to peel veg and sip wine now 🙂

      • Jo, thank you so much for the lovely gift … opened it before I took off to the restaurant yesterday. Love it!!! Truly lovely. Wrote your card at the breakfast table this morning, so a lot has been said there. Had a fantastic Christmas Eve – today a lazy day at the hotel’s SPA. Tonight Oscar and I will capture Christmas. For a city that don’t celebrate Christmas … There are loads of decorations everywhere and for a city that is supposed to do prays, here the “singing” every hour … not much praying is going on. Anohter “spring day” in Istanbul. Sunshine hug.

      • Merry Christmas morning sweetheart! James has opened his presents and is setting up the Playstation while I have a coffee and think about the kitchen 😦 Glad you like the scarf and hope you won’t be needing it in Istanbul. Have a lovely day xx

      • Jo, I wish you all a delightful day … and get that Playstation going … I love playing Wii. The scarfs is so lovely and it truly fits our Spring weather here. Just amazing weather and I hope it will be the same tomorrow, but I will save it for HK and Japan.

  2. Welcome to Istanbul dear Viveka! I am so glad to hear that you loved the Hotel. And you are lucky, because the weather is nice, at least sunny sky 🙂 But yesterday there was rough waves and I couldn’t pass the other side, I postponed my dentist appointment. Sorry but you know, I am really busy now, my son and my daugther came from Baku last night. They have some appointments, and to do things in here, and I will be with them. Merry Christmas and Happy, enjoyable time in Istanbul,
    Love, nia

    • Sylvia, Istanbul is fantastic in small portions – 5 days are just the perfect … because it’s a very intense city. 18 million and with taxi cars, all mad. *laughing.

    • Happy New Year to you Sherry, yes it was a really nice escape – just enough with Christmas, something I will do again. Istanbul is such a fantastic city …. going back the first week in June.

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