from me to you – merry christmas, world!!!!

…. while I’m indulging myself in sunny Istanbul far away from Christmas, here come my warmest thoughts in a little card to you.

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29 thoughts on “from me to you – merry christmas, world!!!!

  1. Stopping by to thank you for the glorious card, and to wish you safe travels and a happy ending, Vivi. You know I’ll be thinking of you. Merry Christmas hugs! 🙂 🙂

    • Good Morning from the breakfast time at the Elite World Hotel, a sunny and beautiful morning – far away from the soaking wet South of Sweden. What a hotel!!!! My flight was over one hour late – when landed there was a handsome young man with a beautiful big white BMW waiting on me. He had lived in Bristol for nearly 10 years. He will be the man that brings me to the airport too. Can get used to this. Feeling good hugs … filled with love and sunshine!

      • That sounds PERFECT! Do you have a nice young man for me too? (oh, naughty! Mine’s still sleeping 🙂 ) Have a wonderful time, Vivi. Thinking of you hugs 🙂

      • Jo, Istanbul is full of nice young men …. just to pick!!! I think they are only for “looky-looky” More difficult with more mature men. *smile
        It’s allowed to be naughty … for Christmas. *laughing.

    • Hjärte tack!!! God Jul till Er Båda. Önskar en överfylld jul med allt goa och rara.
      At my breakfast table at my fantastic hotel in Instanbul. Had a very adventures day yesterday while travelling – will come back with that story in a post.

  2. Many thanks for the awesome Smilebox! Merry Christmas to my generous Swedish friend. Enjoy Istanbul … and thanks for your kindness!!!

      • I wish I could agree … not a fan of Christmas – but I had a fantastic Christmas Eve … we hand out the gifts on 24th. Santa comes and knocks on the door and hand out all gifts personally. Anyhow, I’m having a fantastic time. Today SPA treatments. *smile Merry Christmas … I hope it will be plentiful of all the sweet and nice stuff packed wit joy.

      • You seem to be doing just fine with gifts and spas and Merry cheer for not a fan of Christmas, lol. I’m sure the spirit lives within you somewhere! Keep enjoying. ❤

      • Thanks a million …. my last evening now – had a wonderful time. Early departure tomorrow, the traffic is manic here. So my mobile will start dancing 5am.

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