weekly photo challenge – yellow

This topic I really like – I love yellow and to get away from all the red, green, white, silver and gold that surrounds us just now. Great topic !!!! But yellow isn’t a color of mine to wear.

I love to sit down to a breakfast table set in the color of the sun … and one of my favorite flowers is the sunflower. Yellow I think is the most positive color and it gives joy.

Of course my heart has loads of yellow too …. because of our national flag – the yellow cross (the sun) on the blue sky.

Yellow is a color that makes me feel happy and gives me warm feeling. I was surprised over that how many “yellow” images I have posted every month – so this gallery is made up in random by all ready posted images during 2014.

“How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.”
Vincent Van Gogh


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23 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – yellow

    • Thanks, Carl …. lovely to have you visiting. I hope everything is okay with you and your love ones. Yellow is such positive color and joyful. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and only the BEST for 2015. *smile

      • Your welcome, it’s nice to be back visiting you. I hope your well after your travels, which looked really fabulous.

        My fondest wishes for you at Christmas and the New Years
        Carl 😘

      • Thank you so much, Carl … yes, it has been a year full of travel – thanks to my UK pension. Sitting at the breakfast table at a stunning hotel in Instanbul just now – where I’m going to escape Christmas at.

        I wish you a plentiful Christmas … filled with all the nice stuff. I wish you a fantastic ending followed by a gentle beginning. Wivi

  1. They always look new to me. Wonderful shots! Wish you sunny days Viveka. I will be thinking of you enjoying lovely Istanbul. I am yellow with jealousy!

  2. I knew you’d have some beautiful yellows, Vivi, but you have excelled yourself 🙂 Love the limonade and…oh, ALL of them 🙂 I just spotted Ken in your comments too so I must go and say hi- haven’t spoken in SO long. It’s easy to get distracted in your comments, isn’t it? You must be packing right now 🙂 I’ll come and say hi on your Christmas post in a few minutes. Excited hugs, darlin. 🙂

    • Girlfriend …. all packed now and too much, but no kitchen sink this time, but I will never be able to travel light – and with some good restaurants booked, I have the chance to dress up a little. Which I love.
      Yes, I love my yellows … a pity I can’t wear it. The lemonade is from Bratislava, got some great images from the beautiful jars it was served in.
      Good that you’re paying attention to Ken … too. No snow here neither, very mild … But dry today and the sun was giving this very morning. Here come some excited hugs in return. *smile

  3. Such a sunny post on a grey day! Yellow is such a joyous colour and you’ve picked some lovely images. When are you off to Istanbul – must be soon now. Have a wonderful time and don’t forget to try the Testi Kebab (claypot) and Menemen (like omelette) for breakfast 🙂

    • Suzanne ….. my day started with loads of sunshine – but now it’s raining again. So a yellow post is just what most of us need just now. So dark!!! Tomorrow afternoon 14.20 (I think) is it take off. So ready for it.
      I saw those clay pots under a tree outside on the street outside a restaurant – I promise I will give it a try. And the omelette too. Card will be written. Have packed … and of course packed far too much, but who cares. Looking forward to dress up for a couple of evenings. So the 8 cm heel is packed. *smile

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