weekly photo challenge – gone, but not forgotten

left behind

I had many seasons in my life … I had quite a few romances … have been to nearly 300 places – they are all gone, but not forgotten. I have lost family and friends that are always with me … and keeps my heart warm.

I had money that is gone, but totally forgotten.

But for this tropic is there really only one thing for me; Stena Voyager; my joy and my headache for many years on the Irish sea between Belfast and Stranraer, Scotland.

Have used “him” in two challenges before and I think “he” will pop up again. stena voyager

Also I was there through the planning and the start up of this majestic craft.

Once built to the price of £65 million. Today gone … 100% recycled in Landskrona, Sweden by the mother company, Stena AB many companies -Stena Recycling.

Built in 1996 by Finn Yards, Rauma, Finland.
Class & type: HSS 1500
Tonnage: 19,638 GT
Length: 126.6 m (415 ft 4 in)
Beam: 40.0 m (131 ft 3 in)
Draught: 4.8 m (15 ft 9 in)
Installed power: 2 × General Electric LM2500
2 × General Electric LM1600
Propulsion: Combined gas and gas (COGAG)
Four Kamewa Type S waterjets
Capacity: 1,500 passengers
375 cars
800 lane metres

What killed this amazing product was the price of the crude oil. When put in traffic the price was about $25 per barrel – when taken out of service in 2011 the price was around $130. For a fuel-hungry vessel that was simply untenable.

Talked to crew members the last week when travelling with the new vessels on the route and we all agreed that there will never be anything like this at sea ever again and we all are so thankful for the chance to have been a part of it.

“Gone, but never forgotten”
Stuart Murray
(crew member, Stena Voyager)

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32 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – gone, but not forgotten

    • Wendy, so glad you got the card and quick too. Back home now and I had a brilliant time. Didn’t get much time in Dublin, but I will be back for more next year. My pleasure, Wendy.

    • Mabel, I don’t have any children … but being there from the beginning to the end and to start up those crafts from scratch is a way to give “birth” and all the attachment that will come with that. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    • Madhu, I think that most of my closest followers/friends were expecting it. Yes, he was and still are very special to us all that had the opportunity to work aboard and with “him”:

    • Sylvia, I suppose it was given to you that knows me well.
      Thank you for the lovely comment … found the little tune on Soundcloud, very suitable.
      Strange I never capture one image of the Voyager when it was on duty. Wonder why??? Maybe it is like my grandpa always said – we don’t miss the cow until the booth is empty *smile

  1. Hi Vivi 🙂 The times you had, ‘together’! 🙂
    When do you travel to Istanbul? So- no decorating the apartment this year, or will you have a tree? I seem to remember candles from a previous Christmas post? I’m just starting to get my ass in gear. Got to buy the tree and get decorating 🙂

    • Hi there, Girlfriend – 22.12 I take off. I have put up my window lights – but nothing else …. I can’t be without the lights. I had to buy completely new window lights for this year, because of the smoke damage from the basement fire. I manage to find the same wreath for the window, but everything else has a new style.
      Good luck with your decorations and the tree – I never had a tree – not my thing. But I love looking at others. Going to Lubeck with a friend this weekend, bus tour to the Christmas market and then dinner and overnight stay at a beautiful castle. Have a lovely weekend. See you next week. Bus tours aren’t my thing neither. *laughing.

  2. Glad you revisited this because I know it’s more than close to your heart … that is, it is actually part of you. And hey … the HQ for those GE Jet Engines is right here in my city!

    PS: Thanks for the card … as it’s arrival was quite the surprise, thus quite the smile. Hope you stop by this weekend’s holiday party!

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  4. Pingback: Steve: The Apple (Orange) of My Eye | Ramisa the Authoress

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