postcards from sweden; s stands for “semla”


my postcard stamp - text

S stands for “semla” –  better than sex?????!!! Absolutely!!!!!!

Because the sex I had lately = 0!
What is a “semla ??? – Some kind of bun, also known as Shrove buns (fettisdagsbulle) or in the version with warm milk, hetvagg.  A of  bun of light wheat bread with sweet filling with almond paste and cream.

semla - alltommat se

The bun appears in different forms in Scandinavia and Finland and the Baltic states, and is associated with Lent before Easter, Lent, especially Shrove Tuesday, but also Blue Monday (blåmåndagen), when it is eaten according to tradition.

We can start eating them before  Christmas those days, but I always have my first one on Boxing Day  – and we eat them up to the end of Febr.semlor_paa_rad - fotoakuten se

On Shrove Tuesday February 12, 1771 died our King Adolf Fredrik. This must have happened after he had eaten too much of, among other rolls. The bulletin on the King’s death is in any case, read the following: “His Majesty’s death has occurred of indigestion of hetvagg, sauerkraut, turnips, lobster, caviar, smoked herring and champagne.”

It was dangerous to be a Swedish King in those days *smile

Had my first for this season this afternoon – couldn’t help myself. Worth every calorie!!!! Could eat one or more every day …. they give me a lot of pleasure and GUILT!!!!

“I would rather have a cup of tea than sex.”
Boy George

semlor_malmborgskonditori se

I don’t know really know any sexy Swedish tune and I want to use this one anyhow!

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28 thoughts on “postcards from sweden; s stands for “semla”

    • Bob, you could have a point … there, and with all that cream maybe .. even during .. will make sex a lot better! Now you gave me something to … think about. *laughing

    • Hi there, Gloria .. so nice to hear from you. Things are stable with me and you know yourself … something to be thankful for in those days. *smile
      I couldn’t resist I bought one similar today when I did my weekly shopping. They are such a guilty pleasure.
      I hope everything is okay with you and mr. I wish you a pleasant weekend. *smile

  1. And…thank you for a lovely postcard to me! No “semla” in it of course…but still! You are out and about all the time and I can never figure out if you are at home or somewhere else…Anyway – have a grreat weekend!

    • Home … since yesterday late afternoon, great to be home. Had a fantastic trip and met so many people I haven’t seen for a couple of years. Great fun. Only had one full day in Dublin … and it was mostly my friend’s Christmas shopping. God Bless her!
      Thank you so much for your card – was inside my door welcoming me home. Very sweet of you.
      Have a lovely Sunday – Evening hugs ….

    • Thank you, Madhu … need nearly two days for recovering. Good that it has been heavy rain today …. so I don’t have to feel guilty for not being out and about. *smile Nice to be home. Going away to Lubeck over the coming weekend. *smile

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