“wild are the winds to meet you”


wind frayedThis year the weather was not on my side at all, in Belfast did it start to rain so soon I put my head outside my hotel in the evening and the days had server overcast and very damp.

And it didn’t change when I moved over to Scotland, but on Sunday we had a beautiful day… with quite a lot of sunshine and in the dusk was it time for Oscar to go to work. I try to avoid letting him work when the sunshine blaster too much.

The darkness fell very quickly – I hardly manage to get the lens cap off before it was dark.

And yesterday, Monday, we were back to wet and miserable.

Portpatrick village is on the south-westerly coast of the Scottish mainland, cut into a cleft in steep cliffs. Anciently known as Portrie (Port Rhin). Dating back some 700 years and built adjacent to the ruins of nearby Dunskey Castle, Portpatrick’s position on the Rhins of Galloway affords visitors views of the Northern Irish coast 21 miles (34 km) to the west, with cliff-top walks and beaches both north and south. With a population of 960 – in the summer, it’s 10 times the amount.

Portpatrick has a Community Council and an annual Life Boat Week, featuring parades, activities, and a firework display. There are bowls clubs, a golf club, many guesthouses and hotels, and rustic public houses. It happens between the last weekend of July and the first in August and the little village is packed to the rim.

When I was working for Stena Line UK Ldt …. And I needed to stay overnight on the Scottish side (Stranraer) I always had my pillows out in the “Port” And it’s how meet and became friends with Geraldine and David, that lives in Dublin, but owns the little Wedgewood blue hotel – The Waterfront Bistro and Hotel at the seafront of Portpatrick. And I come back here to visit every year.

This time they are refurbishing the hotel rooms and their cottages, so the hotel is closed and I have to indulge myself at the Harbour House Pub for both breakfast and dinner, while Geraldine and David took off to Manchester; so only the plaster, painter and me in the hotel.

I meet up with friends …. staff, crew and colleagues; I enjoyed breakfasts, lunches, dinners and coffee dates with them. And there was time for shopping too.


I shopped a bit too much this time – had to post a box to my blogging sister Suzanne@The Travel Bunny in Battle, close to Brighton, that I will be picking up in January when visiting my old home town. Too many shoes and a bit too many Christmas cards ……. and vitamins. *smile

Today I woke up to crisp and sunny morning, even if it had dark edges, my last full day in Scotland for 2014 and it has been absolutely gorgeous. Tomorrow afternoon I will sail back into Belfast and then full safe speed down to Dublin.

Portpatrick, see ye again next year!

 ”There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter.”
Billy Connollytuesday sunset

35 thoughts on ““wild are the winds to meet you”

  1. Vivi, you are so funny! I love the shopping exploits 🙂 You’re going to be poor some day soon, young lady! I couldn’t get my DVD to play very successfully so I may have to look for it on YouTube. But it looked sad!
    I only spent one, brief (but sunny) afternoon in Portpatrick, but you capture it just as I remember. Maybe better 🙂 Have fun in Dublin! I know you will.

    • Jo, try to clean the DVD with wet soapy towel – it could be that you player is too fancy …. I tested it on mine and it worked, but I know that some players will not play copies properly, especially if they are of the more expensive kind.
      So sorry, it’s of course a sad story … it was a terrible crime against mankind. I never shop expensive, but ending up poor can happen to anyone, without shopping. Big Scottish Hug!!!!!

    • Colline, it’s such lovely little place and even during the winter is it so relaxing, but 4 days just enough … not much to do here, more than enjoying the setting, fresh ocean air and good food. *smile

  2. For a nonphoto professional, your eye for capturing photos continues to amaze me. Love the “evening sky” in the first set, plus the last picture is a WOW!

    I can tell you are having a wonderful time, then again, you approach live that way.

    Cheers to your journey … and many thanks for the wonderful music! 🙂

    • Good Morning, sitting down in Dublin now …. flying back to Copenhagen tomorrow and the fun is over for this time – had a really good time, even if the weather wasn’t all on my side.
      Tuesday was a fantastic day … and the last image is from the sunset in Portpatrick. The sky was truly on fire.
      And I’m so glad you liked the music … but we have a very similar taste in music.

  3. Hello Viveka! Hoping you’re well! I love exploring smaller villages and communities such as this and I especially loved the light house photo — totally sets the tone. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and will be back for more! Best, Danny

    • Danny, thank you so much for your lovely comment – Thanks, I’m doing pretty good … and I will have my problems where ever I’m … so travelling keep my mind busy on more pleasant things. Scotland is a very photogenic place in whatever weather and they have so many beautiful spots along its coastline and inland. Just like Ireland.
      I wish you a Holiday season full of togetherness, warmth and joy. Thanks for the visit. Lots of Viveka

      • I agree, definitely let the travels take your mind off of the things that you can’t control and escape from it as much as you can through the wonderful new experiences wherever they may be 🙂 All the best to you this holiday, Danny

      • Danny, the same to you …. and thanks for your support and friendship. I wish you only the best for 2015 and a holiday season full of joy, warmth and togetherness. I will spend mine in Istanbul. Not a Christmas fan. *smile

  4. Glad you are having a great time. I am in Monterey now and experiencing the same erratic weather but we make do with what we can get. As always you and Oscar really makes a great team.

    • Bebs, I know you will have a pleasant time in Monterey whatever the weather will be. Delight and enjoy yourself.
      Came home yesterday and going to Germany for a Christmas Market weekend next weekend … then it’s time for Istanbul, busy just now and so will Oscar be. We have started to understand each other a little better now. Have a wonderful stay.

    • Thanks for your lovely little card, was waiting on inside my door on my return home yesterday. Such a lovely thought.
      Yes, the weather is what it’s where ever we are … had a fantastic stay and I met so many of my ex colleagues that I haven’t seen for a couple of years. Great trip. And photos turned out pretty good too. But I think Oscar likes Scotland and Ireland. *smile

  5. Viveka, your choice of music is evocative of the fun you had despite the weather. I would have been surprised if you had returned without a few pairs of shoes 🙂
    Kudos to Oscar for the stunning images. That lighthouse shot is an absolute dream.

    • Evocative – I had to ask Google for help, learn something new every day. *smile
      Yes, I returned with 2 pair shoes, winter hat and a dress (tunic) *smile Plus vitamins, bodylotions, hair colouring, Christmas Cards …. and address labels. *smile Had 20 kilo extra.
      I like the light house shot too … came out very good and I like the beach one too – captured at a good distance too. Love the afternoon sun in the sand. “Scotland the Brave” is one of my favorite tunes and when I found this version with sing … I became over the moon. Thanks for your support, Madhu.

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