pleasant shade of grey

danish colorsThey told us on the weather channel the other day that Sweden had their darkest November ever – at least what they have on record. Landskrona had 7,2 hours of sun during the whole month. And Växsjö had only 55 min.

It has been so dark that I have the lamps on every waking hour, so depressing.busy port

But on this Wednesday.. . I had a very pleasant grey day with my friend Iris. We meet up once per month for a girly day out – loads of talking and a bit of culture but food is a serious part of our day together too.

Our November date we spent in very picturesque Helsingør in Denmark. Only 20 min away from Helsingborg with ferry and there is a ferry leaving every 10th min, like a bus service.

There were technical problems with the trains so Iris had to change to the bus and that gave me the opportunity to enjoy a cappuccino and a Christmas flavored muffin at my favorite cafe chain: Espresso House – the best fluff in town.

I  started my career as a chef when I was 20 years old in Helsingør, lived there for a year before I moved on to Copenhagen for another Danish year. It’s something special about Denmark, doesn’t matter where you go. Very relaxed, comfortable, colorful and friendly.

We have been talking for nearly half a year about visiting the Helsingør Kulturværftet (Culture House), a converted warehouse building from 1842, in the area stood for years impassively as Elsinore’s old shipyard has now turned into a modern meeting point for the cultural, artistic and knowledge rich exchange. It had it’s opening in October 2010.

Only 10 min walk from the ferry terminal a very interesting building from the outside and even more interesting from the inside. A lot of events going on there during the whole year around.

Helsingør has some fantastic public art in the harbor area; Han (Him) by Elmgreen & Dragset, 2012, Herakles og Hydraen by Rudolph Tegners, 1932 and Værftsarbejderne (Shipyards workers) by Hans Pauli Olsen, 2014.

The building has a theater, library, restaurant and exhibition halls. The library blow the socks off me. In Helsingør it lives about 60.000 and their library is having the size of Gothenburg’s, where nearly half a million lives.

So our day beside do some walking around in Helsingör became mostly about the restaurant and the library.

I had a little shopping list from a friend of mine and I needed to buy spices and candles for myself at “T.I.G.E.R” – only found what was on my shopping list.

For lunch at the Culture House’s restaurant, Spisehuset – we both had a “Seaweed Salad with light seared Tuna” with some fantastic bread filled with goodies of nuts and dates. Fantastic salad and very nicely presented on a slate plate and all with a view over the harbor and Prince Hamlet’s crib – Kronborg Castle.kronborg castle

After the salad was it time for some serious calories together with a great cup of cappuccino; a delicious big piece of chocolate cake.

The library has a sorting station like a post office – all fancy conveyors set up. People returned their books into ATM. Was so fascinated by the whole set up.  I also had a feeling that the library are supplying book trolleys for hospitals and prisons. 100rd’s of trolleys in the sorting area and only 2 personal what I could see.

We visit all 4 floors and there was a fantastic set up of private rooms with PC to be reserved for studies and most of them was taken. The children’s section was on the first floor and it was so fantastically set up with play areas in every corner of the floor, a little theater and interactive toys everywhere.

So spacious and comfortable walking through the library made me feel very good . 

After the visit to the library was it time to make our way back to the ferry terminal and on our way we found this very old alleyway with the original gutter system – wasn’t the easy street to walk, but very interesting. It must be from the 1700’s; Gamle Færgestræde = the old ferry lane.

We had to wait 5 min for the ferry to arrive and 10 min later we were on our way back to Sweden. Another gray day had now turned into darkness, but it had been a very pleasant shade of grey. Landed just in Helsingborg just in time to catch the 16.17 train to Landskrona with 169 new images on my SD card.embarking

“A cloudy day is no match
for a sunny disposition.”
William Arthur Ward

27 thoughts on “pleasant shade of grey

  1. Christmas flavoured muffin – sounds interesting. What do they put in it?
    Looks like you had a lovely day out. Visiting the scenes you shared with us would help lift my depression after grey greys.

    • I wonder the same thing … because the muffin didn’t taste that much of Christmas. I was expecting ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and clove – not much of neither, a bit of cinnamon maybe … but the candied orange was nice on top. Loved the color of the muffin.
      Yes, what is it???? gray or grey. Glad I could bring some color to you. Thanks for your visit and have a lovely weekend even if maybe grey/gray.

    • Thank you so much … and yes, just play around with your phone and camera. Personally, I think buildings and statues are becoming more interesting on an angle. I’m not really a building person or monument.I’m more for the details on them. Just have fun and just delete and take more. Good luck.

    • Bebs, thank you so much …. for your lovely comment. I think that with a camera in hand we look differently on the world. We notice a lot more details, it was quite a while ago since Oscar was out and about, so he was eagor.

  2. Those slippers look really warm and cosy, and I love the topiary teddies with the red ribbons. What a splendid way to spend a grey day, Viveka. Looks like you had some delicious food too. Enjoyed all your photos. My regards to Oscar. 🙂

    • Oscar, send his regards back … he really enjoyed our day trip and it was a while since he was out and about. I haven’t really been in the mood for taking him out when everything is grey and dull. I hope we will have some snow before I leave for Instanbul over Christmas … because he has never worked with snow and nice. I think he will enjoy it.

  3. This post is choc-a-bloc full of goodness, Vivi! Especially the no calorie cake 🙂
    It looks such a nice place and so many of your images are really beautiful. Glad you had a good time. It’s Belfast very soon, isn’t it? Take good care! 🙂

    • The none calorie cake was delicious. We had a great day, even if we didn’t walk about so much as we use to do … just a nice day trip and to meet up for some girly talk.
      Denmark stands out in any weather. *smile

    • A-C, had a really great day … even if we didn’t walk about as much as you and I do. So true – Denmark keeps its color in any weather. *smile
      Posted a Belfast card today. Moving over to Scotland tomorrow. Weather is damp and grey here too. *smile

  4. This looks like a lovely day, Viveka. We live on such opposite ends of the world, and our weather is so different. I live in the Sunshine State. I can’t imagine no sun for so long. Was it very cold, too? How long of a ferry ride was it for you? Despite the weather, I’m so glad you enjoyed the day anyway. It looked fantastic.

    • The ferry ride is 20 min …. and to get to Helsingborg 11 min by train. It hasn’t been that cold, just grey … no real winter as such yet where I live – but they have been promising us a Russian winter this year. Glad I have bought real warm boots.
      In Belfast just now and the weather is grey here too and very damp, but Ireland is nice and fun in any weather. *smile

    • Uru, not really winter yet …..but in 3 weeks time I hope.
      Only wet, damed and grey.
      I don’t envy you for the heat you have to suffer through just now. *smile

  5. Impressed by the way you beat the grey!! Love the variety in your wonderful galleries Viveka. The super organised library and the old alleyway are my favourites. Hope your aches and pains have been leaving you well alone 🙂

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