friends are quite angels ….

and I’m so lucky. Every year I go back to Belfast, Stranraer and Dublin. To see and meet up with friends, colleagues and do some serious shopping. I have gone back every last week in November since 2009 now and it’s a tradition that I will continue with so long as I can. When I come back it is just like I never been gone. belfast festival sign

Belfast was my home for 10 years and my roots are very deep. I worked with some amazing people; both aboard and ashore. I have met people through my job, that has supported me and are always there for me. It was the toughest thing when I returned to Sweden and my retirement – to leave them behind. That is why my return every year is important for me.

So on Monday is it time for my 12 days filled with friendship.

Leaving Landskrona 7.22am and will be in Dublin 11.20am,  hopefully I will be able to catch the noon airport bus up to Belfast, so I will have some hours of shopping before meeting up with my friend Barbara for dinner 6pm.

Nothing really planned for my 4 days in Belfast, more than I will visit my hairdresser and dentist plus my friends David and Cheryl that has a photo studio, it’s years since I saw them they are always so busy, but this time they have decided to stay put in Belfast so we can meet up for a couple of hours at their studio.

Lunch with my former boss, Stephen .. on Tuesday and dinner in the evening with my very special friend Gina, that means a lot of girl talk for hours. Going to try a new restaurant out, BLU – fantastic reviews and very reasonable prices plus 3 min walk from my hotel.

Staying in the trendy Cathedral Quarters this time, that is where all good pubs, restaurants, clubs and cafe’s are = all the action.

Wednesday evening is it time for dinner with Patsy and her husband Ken. Patsy a fantastic florist and she did our fresh flower arrangements for our guest service desk for years. Through the years we have become very good friends and an evening or a lunch together is always on the menu when I come to town.

Friday afternoon I sail over to Scotland and stay at my friends most lovely hotel in Portpatrik over the weekend. The Waterfront Hotel & Bistro, a Wedgewood blue little hotel only a few meters from the ocean. A true gem with fantastic food.

Saturday I will spend with my delightful “nepfew” Lewis and his parents – he is truly my private joy – and that means also a evening with great food and company. Sunday lunch with my lovely friend Trudi.

Sailing back to Belfast I guess on Monday afternoon  and straight down to my friends in Dublin.

To spend time with David and Geraldine (owners of The Waterfront Hotel) ….  It means life at its best. And some serious shopping with Geraldine, she does the shopping. Dublin is a bit too expensive for me, but I always find something I can’t live without but doesn’t need. *laughing.

Friday, 5th – back to Copenhagen and homebound.

I’m very blessed with friends that are always there for me whenever I turn up, that goes for all of them, doesn’t matter where they live and I truly cherish them. My friends are truly quite angels, because even I do not believe, I believe in angels.

“Santa Claus has the right idea.
Visit people once a year.”
Victor Borge

 ocean windfarm

19 thoughts on “friends are quite angels ….

  1. You are a very good friend yourself too, Viveka! Good friends make good friends, and lasting ones.I wish you a very lovely trip, which you will have, and thank you once again for the envelope in my mailbox. Much, much appreciated!

    • A-C, love to have you in my fan-club. Thank you so much for your support and lovely words. I try to be a good friend, even if I’m not around every day. So glad you like the CD – I suppose you got the 2 first volumes, didn’t you get them the first time we met???? Or have I got that wrong too???!!!!

  2. 🙂 Dearest Wivi,
    I wish you a wonderful time with your friends! Enjoy your old home and chatting away with your friends. I trust you will keep Oscar very busy for us 😀
    Looking forward to your stories and pictures.
    Many hugs and have a safe journey. xo 🙂

    • Dia, thank you so much – I will have free wifi so soon I move over to Scotland – so some smoke signals will be coming your way. Can’t understand why hotels can have free wifi. In Sweden 99% have it, even small B&B.
      I wish you and everyone around you a lovely weekend.

    • Thank you so much …. yes, it’s one of the highlights of my year to go back and meet up with them I left behind … and think about nearly daily. Don’t miss the job at all … but I truly miss the people.

  3. I know you will have a wonderful trip…there is nothing as special as spending time with good friends. Speaking of friends, thank you for the little package…it is much appreciated.

    • Thank you, Karen …. glad the little gift has arrived.
      My trip over to Ireland and Scotland … is one of the highlights of my year, just because meeting up those I left behind.
      And of course the shopping and the food. *smile
      Have a great weekend.

  4. I knew it was soon! Tomorrow , in fact, so you’ll be having an early night 🙂 You deserve to have friends, Vivi, because you are such a good one yourself. Sounds like a magical time you have planned. Enjoy every second 🙂 Huge hug to last for weeks!

    • Have an evening on my own this evening …. so I will try to catch up. Had a fantastic time, even if the weather has been iffy, very damp… And it has rained every evening so soon I poke my head outside the hotel entrance.
      The fight went spot on and I even slept good the night before …. normally I can’t sleep when I have an early take off.

      • I was just in the Reader, looking to see if you’d scheduled any posts while you’re away. But I got distracted! I always do 🙂 🙂 And a package arrived for me today! Haven’t had time to watch yet and I’m out for a Christmas meal this evening (already) but hugs in advance 🙂 🙂

      • Hi, one if for listing and one if for looking. *smile
        You can do the listing now …. And a bit of dancing, maybe too, don’t have to be Christmas for that.
        Christmas meals in Nov??????!!!! I hope I will manage to avoid them totally. Terrible and never worth the money at a restaurant, but great company will make up for it. Delight yourself and be careful with the sprouts. *smile

      • The company was wonderful! The food too! No sprouts- not tradititional Xmas. 🙂 Italian with singing and lots of fun. Take care of yourself. Love u xx

      • Good Morning, at the breakfast table …. now I’m envy – really like the sound of your evening yesterday … Italian food with a twist, great company and plenty joy. Going to sea this afternoon. Scotland be prepered – big Friday hug.

      • On the boat now …. very quite sea today so we are sailing very smooth.
        Had a bit of a panic this morning, when I looked down on my new M&S loafers they were falling apart … never seen anything like it – so I had to get my order number from my account with them and run down to the shop, luckily they had another pair in stock plus I got £9 in my hand because they were on Black Friday discount. Can you image if it had happen when I was back in Sweden. So I bought another pair on my way out of the shop. Only live twice. Sailor Hug!

      • Yay for Black Friday discounts! I’ve avoided shopping, Vivi 🙂 You can do my share. I have a new favourite- ‘If came the hour’. Thank you again :).

      • What a beautiful afternoon of music I have spent 🙂 My toes started tapping and I could hardly concentrate on the laptop, and now, towards the end, it’s calm and peaceful. Thank you so much, Vivi 🙂 ‘Wake me up’ is one of my absolute favourites and ‘How can I keep from singing’ is incredible. I love it all! Hugs to you, lovely lady. Hope the trip went well.

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