cee’s fun foto challenge – doors, knobs and handles

Doors, knobs and handles I met during my travel.

“A very little key will open a very heavy door.”
Charles Dickens


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49 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – doors, knobs and handles

    • Yes, Ireland has colorful doors with details, but I don’t have one image from Ireland. Time to change that .. taking off on Monday. Lucky me!!!!!
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

      • Thanks, Colleen … I’m sure I will post something before I leave. Going over to Helsingör in Denmark today … a girly day out. The weather is so gray and boring – has do something. They told us on TV yesterday that we have the darkest November ever on record this year. We only had 7,2 hours of sun for the month. No wonder I feel a bit depressed. *laughing. Have to have the lamps on 24/7. Terrible.

      • 7 feet, that is a lot. Heard on the news this morning that NYC was hit with loads of snow too this week. Far too early. The weather is all over the place these days. We have been told that we will be hit with a very cold winter this season. Glad I have invested in new winter boots with sheepskin inside, my boots from last years I never had to use and became smoke damage in the fire. So bring the winter on … for Christmas. *smile

      • I do like snow for Christmas!!!! 🙂

        Yes the snow is heavy and too much. A lot of people are in ‘trouble’. I hope they are all okay. Though I have heard there have been some deaths.

        I have my little boots but I wonder if I should get some better ones!!!

      • Terrible that people have to lose their life – like in Italy, The Alps and France, with all the rain, but nature and the weather we can to very little about – we only have to look out for ourselves and be careful. Buy a pair of Canada Snow – they have boots for serious winters, so warm and they keep your feet dry

  1. Oh, you are quick, Vivi! 🙂 I saw this earlier today and gave it a fleeting thought. There are some delicious doors and handles on here! I love that Russian one, and the ornate locks, but best of all, I think, that cabinet. 🙂
    Your lovely present had an adventure today! I’m getting along reasonably ok with the new phone and have just loaded Instagram. It was pouring first thing this morning and I went to take my first shot with it, through the kitchen window. The little ‘pen’ was dangling so I took it off and lay it on the work surface. I didn’t have much time and suddenly my friend was at the door to drive me to t’ai chi. I picked up the phone and rushed out the door. When I got back I couldn’t find the little ‘pen’ anywhere! I was really upset! I hunted everywhere- under chairs, and the works! Finally, Mick was going out at teatime and he stuck his head back round the door- ‘look what I found on the drive?’ Phew! I shall have to wear it on a safety chain around my neck!
    Hugs, darlin, from your irresponsible friend. 🙂

    • Wow, never a dull moment around you as a “stylus” – the pen’s real name. Glad you found it – but if it will do a runner again, let me know … they are not that expensive and whole China is making them, so it is not the end of the world if it goes missing. Promise to tell me and I fix a new one.
      Can’t you put in one of the pockets in the cover when you don’t want it dangling???? I can understand what you were going through because that happens to me nearly daily … I misplace stuff all the time and I go mental the next minute when I can’t find it.
      Happy ending for you and your stylus *smile Thanks for the great story that gave my morning a smile- I could see you chasing around looking for the little “pen”.

      • I’m beaming away at it now, Vivi. Never out of my sight (except when I’m asleep 🙂 ) Funnily enough I bought a full sized ‘stylus’ which is also a pen when we were in the Algarve (for charity) but it’s red and doesn’t match 🙂 What the well groomed smartphone has to wear these days! Have a good day 🙂

      • Wow, Jo … didn’t know that you are that advanced – I could have bought a red wallet for your phone, was thinking of red – but I thought purple was more royal. *laughing.
        A smartphone that belongs to a smart lady has to be groomed. *laughing

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    • Cee, thank you so much … My weeks have been fantastic. In Belfast for the moment – moving over to Scotland tomorrow. The weather is a bit wet – but what to be expected of Ireland. Thank you so much again for featuring my post.

      • I’m going to Istanbul over Christmas, because they don’t celebrate Christmas and I’m not a big fan of Christmas and has never been, but I like the cards and window lights.

      • Christmas can be a sad time for some. I’m terrible with cards! Vince put lights up outside, and we usually decorate a little. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to go to Istanbul! How exciting! You do live an exciting life, Viveka. 🙂

      • I think Christmas has gone out of hands completely and lost its meaning. Everything is moderation is okay, but with mum gone and only me left – I have do what I feel most for. I will put up my window lights tomorrow, but nothing else this year. Gone most of the month.
        I couldn’t say I live an exciting life … at times maybe, but I have the same problems if I’m at home or somewhere else in the world, and so long as I can afford and able to travel I will do that. Trying to take care of my second chance on life.

      • It does change as we get older. Vince’s son isn’t coming this year, and our friends that we have adopted as family won’t be here either. Vince and I put a tree up today, and are going to decorate the house some tomorrow. Then we’ll see. I’m sure you’ll have fun in Istanbul. 🙂

      • I’m sure that you and Vince will have a Christmas just right for you two. I don’t know if my days in Instanbul will be that fun, but I will relax and just do what I want to do. I’m thinking of spending Christmas Day at the hotel’s SPA.
        Hopefully the weather will be dry – don’t care if it’s sunny, so long it doesn’t rain. Maybe a bit milder than here at home.
        Good luck with the decoration, I put up my window lights yesterday, but that is all I’m going to do.

      • And here we are hoping for rain. Our weather is pretty mild, very dry for the past few years, so everyone is worried about it. Last year we went to HI for Christmas. This year we are staying home, but none of our family is getting together, so we will either spend it with friends, or have a quiet Christmas lasagna at home together, and celebrate before and after with family. Lots of love to you Viveka. 🙂

      • I will sent of our rain over to you …. and they can give us some snow. We have very mild weather too, even if the nights are frosty. +11 on Saturday … far too mild for this time of year. Poor nature is totally upside down.
        I like you way of Christmas …. together with a very special person. Lots of me to you!

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