weekly photo challenge – achievement

Achievement – a tough one for me. Had to look through nearly every image file and not one image that I could relate to the topic.

Then I came to the file with the images from our basement fire in June – 3 fire brigades manage to keep the fire under control so it didn’t spread to any of the apartments, which are a true achievement.

We are still not able to use the basement – 390 km/242 miles of electric wiring has to be replaced and the electricians should really have a place in this achievement too, but I’m not able to enter the basement to take any images.

We are so lucky that one of our neighbors came home from the gym at 2am and was greeted by smoke when he entranced the building. Could have gone really bad for all of us living in the house. We are so lucky that the emergency services are so excellent at their jobs.

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident. ¨

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23 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – achievement

  1. 🙂 There’s hardly anything more perfect for this week’s photo challenge than these pictures! So good of you to have Oscar ready at all times 😉
    Many hugs, my dear! xo 🙂

    • Dia, thank you so much – we were told to pack a little bag … when we had to leave our apartments .. and I packed my Oral-B thooth brush, my netbook and Oscar.

      • 4 kg of papers??????, I hope they were all important ones. I don’t think I managed to take my wallet and passport even.
        We should have an emergency bag packed – as I had when I worked on the cruise liner, in case …. just ready to grab. *smile

      • 🙂 Maybe it was only 1kg, but it felt like a lot more! I had everything in one place, except that I had been stuffing things in there and never organized them – that’s how I ended up schlepping so much stuff!!!
        You’re right, one should have an emergency back pack ready!!!
        xo 🙂

      • In Sweden everything is organised by our national insurance number – that goes everywhere – insurance companies, hospitals, banks .. so we only need to safe some kind of ID. Excellent system.
        Never have to remember a customer number or bank account number. Just give them my national insurance number that is based on my date of birth.

        It’s very uncomfortable to have to leave home in a hurry … or a hotel room, happened to me 3 times, very scary because it always happens in the middle of the night – and after been woke up hard to think straight. That is why I’m so aware where the exit stairs are located.

    • Backdraft is one of my favorite films …. but also Hans Zimmer is my favorite Hollywood composer. Was lucky that this track was avalible on soundcloud.
      Here preformered by Prague Phil Orchestera.
      Thank you so much

      • We recently saw Interstellar, in which Zimmer did the soundtrack … and I’ve like him for a long time as well!

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