cee’s fun foto challenge – vehicle details

Vehicle details or parts?????? …. I’m more into logos and sign, number plates but I found a couple.

I personally don’t have a car, haven’t been driving since December 1969, when I was involved in a car accident (not my fault) never went behind the wheel again.

For 8 years was I engaged to a fantastic man (Hans Jochim) working in the German Automobile industry (VW & Audi) and he always said that it doesn’t matter what car you drive so long it’s German and silver metallic. *smile

Today I my favorite car is Swedish – also one of my images – Volvo C70 in Titanium grey pearl with Toscana Tan soft leather.

And with this post I have the chance to my absolute favorite tracks, “Chasing Cars” with Snowpatrol.

Snowpatrol, that made it while I lived in Belfast and they had a concert at ruby arena not far from where I lived – the city was on totally stands still for most of the day. This Scottish band that really took on the whole world with this song.

Hans Jochim, this post is for you!  Thanks for all the fantastic years!

“The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it. ”
Dudley Moore


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