the dance scene – nine 1/2 weeks (strip tease)

dance - psd150 orgI know that strip tease doesn’t belong to the ballroom – but it really should. Watching “Dancing with The Stars” the dancers are half naked anyway. A well preformed strip tease is very enjoyable to watch, both done by female or male performer. A strip tease doesn’t have to be vulgar and not everything has to be taken off.

There are many good strip tease numbers on the big screen; “Striptease” with Demi More, Natalie Portman in “Closer” and my absolute favorite movie, my number one; “The Full Monty”. What a fantastic movie, so down to earth and full of heartwarming.

But my chosen strip tease is done by Kim Bassinger for Mickey Rourke in the very controversial movie “Nine 1/2 weeks”. Kim’s strip tease doesn’t feel staged, just feels natural improvised. Its pleasantly playful and it looks like they both has lot of fun. *smile

That’s why I have chosen her’s. Because it is just like a strip tease I have done myself behind closest blinds and I’m sure that my moves have-not been so good as Kim’s. But I think it has had the same effect and put a big smile on my partners face – we both used the same tack; “You Can Leave Your Hat On”. In this video is it Tom Jones that sings, my favorite version ….. sold  on Tom Jones. In the movie Joe Cocker sings the song.

When “Nine 1/2 weeks” was, released in  – it chocked many….. I loved it and I was very envious when I watched. Mickey Rouke in those days, so sexy and handsome with a most lovely smile. Kim’s body just so perfect. Its a movie that plays with the viewer’s imagination big time.

I’m a strong believer in that a strip tease really can spice up a relationship. Nothing wrong with doing a strip tease for our partner behind close doors!!! Add a bit of fun to a rainy Tuesday evening. *smile

The critic’s wasn’t very kind to the movie and some people called it a porno movie. Okay, there were a lot of “sex and sex games” in the movie,but far from being vulgar. It’s a sexy movie and  l liked it when I watched at the cinema in 1986, have only watched it once. Time to watch it again.

It is based on the memoir of the same name by Elizabeth McNeill, directed by Adrian Lyne and a great soundtrack with artist like Bryan Ferry, Joe Cocker, Eurythmics,  Billie Holiday, Luba and Al Green.

And one of my favorite actresses Christine Baranski plays the character of Thea, same name as me. Can’t find any image of Christine from the movie, same with David Margulies.    9,5 weeks poster - punkinfinland net

Kim Basinger
Mickey Rourke
Margaret Whitton
David Margulies
Christine Baranski

So the storyline, then??? It’s a bit like an early version of “50 shades of grey“.

“John (Mickey Rourke), a wealthy businessman, seduces a beautiful art assistant, Elizabeth (Kim Basinger), who is recently divorced after a three-year marriage.

He first comes across as funny and adventurous, but it soon becomes clear that’s not all John is into. He plays strange sexual games with Liz, blindfolding her and putting ice on her body, making her crawl on the floor to him, and “hypnotizing” her with the sound of a watch he gave her, suggesting that every day at twelve o’clock she think of him touching her.9,5 weeks - redholics com

Slowly Elizabeth becomes increasingly dependent on John–he feeds her in the morning, bathes her, takes care of her, and makes love to her in ways she’s never experienced.  She becomes even more confused and upset when her best friend begins a relationship with her ex-husband.

In the end she leaves John, telling him it’s too little too late when he tries to tell her about himself. When she walks out the door into the apartment complex courtyard, he whispers to himself that he loves her and that she had better come back in 50 seconds. Does she???” (text; Janie522, IMDB)

Some called the movie Delicious! – Someone else said; Soft Focus, Soft Porn Soft Brains?I watched together with my partner because we were both very curious about the movie. We was both entertained and  hadn’t wasted our money.

This  movie has style, sensuality and character. The way it was filmed was a great way of showing just how much of Mickey is and how Kim Basinger can really heat up a scene,  love woven into the complexity of personalities. It’s a powerful movie and there is more to meet the eye than what the critics said.

I would call “Nine 1/2” a cult movie. There is nothing vulgar about this movie – it’s so beautiful filmed., but its an erotic movie.

It’s going to be interesting to see what people are going to say about “50 shades of grey” when it has its opening in Febr next year. Based on nearly the same subject – but with less famous actors. The world best selling books by British author E. L. James, I still think Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy has sold more. Not much dancing in the movies made after his books.

“I think all old folk’s homes should have strip tease.
If I ran one I’d have a striptease every week”
Cynthia Payne9,5 weeks - strip tease - filmaffinity com

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17 thoughts on “the dance scene – nine 1/2 weeks (strip tease)

  1. I also loved the ‘Full Monty’. I really laughed at the quote about old folks’ homes having striptease every week. Would this show be performed by the residents? I can’t imagine the people in mom’s care home, doing striptease. The mind boggles at the thought. 😀

  2. 😀 The Full Monte – hahaha 😀 Great movie!
    I’ve only seen 9 1/2 weeks once many, many years ago and I wasn’t impressed at all, didn’t understand what the excitement was all about. But yes, Mickey Rourke was so handsome then…what has he done to his face!??!?!?!
    Many hugs xo 🙂

    • Yes, it’s so terrible what he has done to his face – that wonderful smile he had is totally gone. It’s truly scary to see. Wonder why doctors agree to let things go that far.
      I liked the movie, but I like erotic movies … I don’t like porno.

  3. I recently saw this movie and remember this scene very well. It was one dark movie of obsession and being lost in a strange relationship.

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