weekly photo challenge – minimalist

I’m far off being minimalist …. more like the opposite – but when it about working with my cameras it happens I’m become little of a minimalist – some time with good results … but most times ……… *smile

But a straight forward minimalist I will never be. I’m not abstract in my thinking. MB - hearts

nicely chilled whiteat high speedMB - movementsan accident 1table-with-seaview

“I am a minimalist. I like saying the most with the least.”
Bob Newhart

Why not join the challenge or at least check out all the magical entries.

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I wish you a fantastic weekend.

As cloud has I chosen a piece from the British minimalist composer Brian Eno, born 1948 in Woodbridge, Suffolk.


29 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – minimalist

    • Thanks and good on you! The shot I took about 8 meters from object … sitting on a ferry. The gentleman seemed to enjoy his wine to. So its the sea in the background.
      Two good things .. wine and the ocean *smile

    • Angeline, I love that people have different favorites and that images talks and screams to us differently. *smile. I like it too, and it’s taken on such a long distance.

    • Yes, it’s a moody image … I captured it when I was going to put a light in the memory of my mum on the day of her passing. So I suppose maybe my mood shows in the image – I like it too.

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  3. No, me neither, Vivi 🙂 Everything but the kitchen sink sometimes!
    You’ve done a good job with this one- an intriguing mixture. I like the singer and I love this music too. Hugs!

    I just realised- it’s Buble!

    • Dia, I’m doing fine … soon taking off for Ireland and Scotland, my year visit. So looking forward to see my friends over there again.
      Thanks for your kind comment.

      • 4 days, meeting up with two blog sisters too. To walk along the Marine Parade in Brighton is like walking along the ocean on the Italian Rivera, beautiful building …. but it’s not until the end of January.
        Will send you a postcard. First Belfast.

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