one word photo challenge: clear

This week is a tricky one, but it is also a topic that can be looked in more than one way; clear water, clear sky, clear evening, clear view, crystal clear …. etc.

So my gallery has a little bit of everything and this will also be my 1000th post since I started in January 2012, without clue what blogging was all about and here I’m still … trying to get my head around it.

Thanks everybody for your friendship and fantastic support, without you I wouldn’t still be here. Thanks for not given up on me and myguiltypleasures.


“When the sky is clear, carry an umbrella;
though your stomach is full, carry provisions.”


To participate:

Create a new post on your blog titled “One Word Photo Challenge:______________”
i.e. for the first week’s challenge your post would be called “One Word Photo Challenge: Magenta”
Include an image or images that you feel fit the theme
Tag your post with “One World Photo Challenge” so that others can find your contribution. Click on this link and it will take you to the upcoming colors; Color Chart

Have fun!

Click on the logo below.


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44 thoughts on “one word photo challenge: clear

  1. Beautiful photos and interpretation of the theme (and wonderful music). Congratulations on reaching your 1000 post milestone. I don’t have any stats, but suspect that most bloggers give up well before they reach that achievement.

    • Mike, thank you so much ….. for your lovely comment.
      I think wordpress will tell you automatically when you reach any milestones, even if you don’t have stat.
      I have cut down on the posting, because I get problems when I sit too long – and standing up isn’t my thing – even if that is suppose to be much better.
      So bring on the next 1000.
      I love that little music piece too .. I think it’s from a Japanese animated film.

  2. hi there, long time no see! I’m playing catch up and here you are with some fantastic and inspiring images! and congratulations on the 1000th post – a real achievement and I’m happy to be here to celebrate it!

    • Claire, love of you to drop in … yes, long time no see – but that doesn’t matter, love you photo … a happy beautiful lady, just as I have imaging you.
      Yes, 1000 …. bring on the next 1000 *smile
      By the way I’m going to be a couple of days in Brighton in January. So excited to go back. I wish you a lovely weekend.

  3. Really love these. The fountain almost looks like glass, and that moon is just gorgeous. Congrats again on your 1000th post. I started in 2012 too and well, I’ve at least gotten better at blogging but I’m far from “there.”

    • Uru, you’re such a sweet heart in more than one way. Thank you so much for your support through the years.
      By the way it’s coconut oil I have in my cupboard so I will give that parfait a try. *smile

  4. Lovely shots – especially the ‘Jack Frost’ on the window. Ate at Virgil’s in NYC yesterday Viveka – fabulous recommendation, thank you 🙂 Won’t be eating for another 3 days – portions were huge!

    • So you’re in NYC …. lucky you. If you have time, have a meal at BRYANT PARK GRILL too. It is hard not to like Virgil’s but the portion are massive. So glad you liked it and the my recommendation wasn’t wrong. I hope there will be posts from and about you NYC trip Delight yourself in the BIG APPLE!!!!

  5. Vivi, these are all glorious! No-one sees the world quite like you do 🙂 🙂 (or Oscar)
    My world would be much poorer without you. Congrats on 1000! WOW 🙂
    I should be out walking but I have a rotten cold and am waiting for a phone to arrive (the last one dived overboard on the ferry!) so I’m doing some much needed ‘catch up’. You’ve been very busy on here! Hope all’s well?

    • Jo, and I tell you that my world with be very poor without you too. Cold, wow … that we all be without. I got a shot the other week against the flue – so hopefully I will have a problem free winter with that side of my health. Diving mobile phones, learn something new every day. Glad you get it replaced so quickly, they are good that over in UK.
      You take it easy and let the cold take the time it takes, so you don’t get it back in a couple of weeks again. Things have been steady with me. The weather has been a bit wet.

      • My dearly beloved got me a new phone but forgot about the SIM card, which is at the bottom of the deep blue 🙂 The least he could have done was dive in, don’t you think? (not expecting too much, am I?) So another day or so to wait… and then 4 or 5 weeks while I learn how to drive it! I’ve never had a touch screen one, Vivi. It’s going to be a disaster. 🙂

      • Wow, smart phone … I have manage to say away from them and hopefully will so do. I bought a old folk mobile in Belfast, before I left … with big numbers and screen. Smart phones make me so nervous and I’m a bit slow in my fingers.Good luck.
        No sim card .. no good. Even if you had dived in I think the chance to save your sim card had been very small. *smile – happy that you stayed on deck.

      • It’s a Samsung S3 mini, Vivi. 🙂 Whatever can you be planning? I expect the SIM later today but I need to go to Dads cleaning so won’t have much ‘play’ time.

      • ??? I always smile when I hear from you, Vivi. It’s impossible not to! 🙂
        Did my wayward Portuguese postcard arrive yet? I think they must deliver them via Russia! 😦

      • No, postcard yet ….. going away to visit friends from to tomorrow – so I will not know until Sunday afternoon now.
        Thanks for thinking of me.
        Hopefully you will have a small parcel already tomorrow for your phone.
        I like when you smile. *smile

      • Girl you are crazy! Well, you know that I think, but in such a nice way. How come you have sent me a carrying case for my phone and a ‘pen’? You musn’t buy me gifts, Vivi. I don’t know what to get for you! Thank you so much. Hugs, darlin’. Enjoy your company. I’m sure they’ll enjoy having you.

      • Glad you got it …. I love the color. The pen is the most important item .. you connect to the phone where the earphones are going and it will make it easier for to type and work the screen … and also it doesn’t scratch the screen. The cover is the plus item. I hope you like the color. It’s just a little gift …. if I can make people happy by a gesture and small penny – put a smile on somebodies face.
        All my pleasure and you don’t have to do anything. Your smile …

      • Bless you, honey! It arrived at the same time as the SIM and I thought they were from Virgin, then I realised… it was you! I haven’t got past putting the SIM in yet but it looks so pretty. Hopefully I’ll be operational in a day or so. I’m hopeless with technology. Hugs, Vivi! You are a complete gem xxx

      • The pen is really good .. most of my friends has got one from me – a dream when writing text.
        Glad you like my little gift, a bit of me over there. *smile

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