unleash the flavors …

and the colors.

As a chef I hate when food is being played with – I hate butter figures .. and dishes created in a laborious way. For me is food should be plain and everything on the plate should be eatable – no unnecessary garnish no cold garnish on a warm dish. This I share with Mr Ramsey. But this video I truly approve of, just amazing.

A while back a blogger from Greece, Elli@ART ATTACK – presented this wonderful commercial from Schwartz spices that I just have to share it. Thank you so much, Elli!

And Thank you, Nia@PHOTOGRAPHYOFNIA for finding Ellis post.

Elli, has done a beautiful post about this video and the making of it: FLAVOUR SO BEAUTIFUL – a post well worth reading.

Variety is the spice of life
American Proverb

Featured photo provided and thanks to wowcher.co.uk

6 thoughts on “unleash the flavors …

  1. I can imagine the smell. So nice!
    And I agree, I hate when they add things to a place to make it look fuller and but you can’t eat it.

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