one word photo challenge – scarlet

Red is my favorite color …. beside purple – but I have a lot more red than purple. So to put together a entry was a easy mission this week.

 “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.”
Bill Blass


To participate:

Create a new post on your blog titled “One Word Photo Challenge:______________”
i.e. for the first week’s challenge your post would be called “One Word Photo Challenge: Magenta”
Include an image or images that you feel fit the theme
Tag your post with “One World Photo Challenge” so that others can find your contribution. Click on this link and it will take you to the upcoming colors; Color Chart

Have fun!

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23 thoughts on “one word photo challenge – scarlet

  1. Absolutely love your photo montage and you present it well! Vive la difference: Personally am not into primary colours . . . . and there is that other ‘political’ thing as you would know . . . live amongst over 200 people where the colour is not allowed . . . there would not be a scrap of red anywhere within our community . . . .

    • Maralee, thanks ….. Red is the fantastic, responsive color and I think Oscar like red too, even if most images are taken with my smaller camera. It’s a brilliant little camera, I think we have to start letting her go to work again. *laughing

    • Thank you so much, Jennifer for the fantastic comment.
      The lips I like too … a display in a shop window.
      And the cheese cake is just heavenly .. the best cheese cake I ever had, but I haven’t had that many. *smile

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