travel theme – autumn

My favorite season, even if it means rain and strong winds it’s the beginning of the high air and crispy mornings.

I don’t travel that much during the autumn, wonder why???

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 “In autumn, don’t go to jewellers to see gold;
go to the parks!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

15 thoughts on “travel theme – autumn

  1. The music you chose is the perfect soundtrack for your photos. November arrived yesterday with sprinkles of rain, colder weather, and overcast skies and I can hear the strong winds blowing in the predawn darkness as I write this message. Your images capture well the feeling of the autumn.

    • Mike, thank you so much ….. for your lovely and poetic comment. So lovely.
      I was lucky to find this song on SoundCloud – otherwise it had been Autumn Leaves again, which I really like. smile
      I haven’t been busy so far this autumn with my camera – this is all images I used for other posts.
      Have a lovely Sunday, Mike

    • Madhu, its so nice having you visiting. “Wet Waiting” is my favorite too .. and the candle. Wet waiting I capture about 10 days ago. The only image from this year. It’s taken while I was waiting for a train – from the waiting area against the other platform. I was thinking a bit arty there. *smile

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