cinderella’s green shoe – lost in gothenburg

This is one my first posts, but  I think it deserves to be published again – and it is  a really funny story, even if the language is a bit harsh to the end. *smile

A couple of days ago I read Wendy’s story about  her daughter’s lost and found coat in Hamburg – and it made me recall my little indecent with LOST PROPERTY at public transportation in Gothenburg, when I lived there. Many, many years ago now. Must be about 25-27 years ago.

The thing started with that I bought a lovely pair of green pumps, at my favorite shoe shop – Ask – still going strong .. and in those days it was very important that the handbag matched the shoes and the gloves .. and whatever was necessary to match.

So a couple of days after the purchase I went back into the city to find the matching handbag. Today I don’t understand why I took both shoes with me – something I never do. But I did and after a lot of searching, I found my handbag in exactly the same shade of green.

Happy sitting on Tram No 5 – on my way home – I notice I were missing one of the shoes. So I had to jump of at the next stop and go back to every shop I been in. Nowhere to be found. There I was with one shoe and a lovely handbag – full of devastation I went home.

Well, at home, I came to my senses – maybe I had forgotten it on the trams. It’s was too late to phone there and then .. so the following morning that was me on the phone.

A very nice man answered and I explained my problem – that I had lost a green shoe and I wonder if somebody had handed one in.

The guy – he just turns around to his colleagues, all male I suppose and says.
– Guys, I can’t f****** believe this… I have Cinderella on the phone and she is looking for her f****** shoe !!!!

That afternoon I collected my shoe and .. life was SOoOooo good. All the guys were laughing as I entered the office. No prince attached to the shoe, but my shoes and handbag lived happily ever after for many years. Happy ending.

And who doesn’t believe in Fairy Tales now ??????!!!!

“Some day you will be old enough
to start reading fairy tales again.”
C.S. Lewis

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12 thoughts on “cinderella’s green shoe – lost in gothenburg

    • I told the story for the girls at the Zumba last evening and so they call me “Cinderella” now. Yes, the guy was so funny – he was dead serious. They have such a great humor in Gothenburg, very dry .. I’m smile too when I think about him.

  1. Should have told those guys you just bought a f…ing gorgeous purse to match those f…ing shoes. And not none of them sounded like your prince. It would take a special man to hold a candle to you (expression) and he’s not at the lost and found… although that could be a funny story.
    I’m thinking about french macaroons today… woke up in the wee hours creating flavors in my head.

  2. You know how it’s, Wendy .. we girls has to kiss many frogs before we find our prince. Have been kissing for years, quite like it .. *smile – nothing wrong with frogs really. Think they have more fun then princes. Macaroons, we like very much. Looking forward to that – and your pictures. Good luck.

    • This this story is my party number – and it always goes down well.
      Have been in bed again with sore neck and shoulder. Some crying game for 5 days. Yesterday was the first day of relief again.
      So my week is going to be SO good. *smile
      Lots …. of everything

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