cee’s fun foto challenge – bare foot and shoes

This weeks tropic is just up my alley … because I just love shoes and to be bare foot. I could make a gallery of 100’s of shoes …. but first comes this – my favorite shoes ……………..my-red-3

and than comes the rest!

“Sometimes that’s all you get out of life. Great shoes.”
Pepper Phillips



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40 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – bare foot and shoes

  1. Have to smile: loved shoes also, the higher the heel the better I liked it 🙂 ! That in my decades of urban days!! Now in the country and on uneven surfaces all kinds of ‘flatties’ have to come to play . . . most of the days one inevitably lives in joggers . . . barefoot: oh no – snakes and poisonous spiders and all kinds of other creepy crawlies and bindy eyes [ sharp needled plants] galore 🙂 !! Plus the ever present ‘gifts’ neighbourhood puppies leave on your lawns 🙂 !! Don’t know I would ever have dared to try the golden/pearly ones, however interesting they look !!!

    • Once in a while I have high heels, but it has been mostly ballerina’s (flats) the last years, but last week was the high heels out again. It will always be there in the legs

    • Once in a while the high heels are out for an evening out or in, but it has been mostly ballerinas the last years. But since 2 weeks back the high heels have been out and about. It’s still in the legs how to walk them, but not over 8cm.-
      I wouldn’t walk barefoot in Austrailia neither, have heard about all the funny creatures that visist the lawns.
      Those mad shoes I saw in shop window in Belfast a year ago, I wonder if anyone really bought them.

      • Oh they look fun [if not particularly in good taste 🙂 !] but if one does not have 100% balance [and I do not!] they would be the easiest way for one to end up flat on the ground methinks !!!!!

      • I saw some rich and famous ladies in Hollywood having boots in the same construction as those shoes, but I can’t see the point in not having proper heels and they didn’t look great on neither … but is all about taste I suppose. *smile

  2. I’m surprised this post isn’t endless! I like your favourites, Vivi 🙂
    Got to go food shopping now 😦 Need to fill fridge/freezer as James will be home at the weekend. (partying without me!) Take good care, hon. Will catch up later. More hugs 🙂

    • Jo, it was more interesting with other shoes then mine.
      Have been going through some of them today … some hasn’t even been outside its box since I bought them.
      Stay safe and enjoy yourself.
      I will be here waiting … *smile and dancing away.

  3. What a wonderful post. Such gorgeous shoes. I’ve never gotten into the love of shoes. Maybe its because I have big feet, flat feet, and ugly feet. I can’t seem to find any shoes that fit my feet, are comfortable, and look good. So I just give up. 🙂

    • Maralee, I have big feet too … US10-11 – maybe not ugly, but a bit wide, but I don’t care .. I just go for it.
      High heels are not that easy today, but I have started to use them a bit more when I have the opportunity. Maybe we can find a nice pair of shoes when you come to Sweden. How is the planning going???

      • Haven’t had much time to do a lot of planning yet. We have our grandson’s first birthday coming up in Hawaii next month so we’ve been working on that trip right now. Hopefully when we get back from that I can start my serious planning.

      • Hawaii .. I don’t blame you having Sweden on hold. *smile – You have family at exciting places, Vegas and Hawaii, I know how I would visit more often. I can’t believe a year has passed already. Hawaii sound so delicious to me.

    • Cee, thank you so much for your support. I really like this week’s topic. Yes, like that image too … from a shop window in Stockholm. My favorite is the abandoned boots. I wish you a pleasant weekend.

  4. 🙂 I understand why you like this topic so much – shoes are so much fun. And running around barefoot is even more fun. And of course you added the picture fro Vienna, it’s so unusual!
    Have a very good night and sweet dreams xo 🙂

    • Pink, yes maybe they …. are a bit pink, but they are pillow box red. Yes, they are my favorite, but don’t use them very often. British … LK Bennett.

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