the dance scene – top hat (quick step)

dance - psd150 orgA movie that was made before I even was born – but that I have seen so many times …. because my mum loved so much. We watched the last time together only a couple of weeks before she passed away in June-13.

My mum was a brilliant dancer .. and she danced a couple of time per week, before she crossed her hip in a wired accident involved a safety belt many years ago.

Here is to you, Mum! *smile

What a movie!!!!  The magnificent music by Irving Berlin and dancing by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire from 1935, directed by Mark Sandrich –  pure dancing on air…Top Hat - imgur com

Who remember the story line????!!!  The stage star, Jerry Travers, disturbs a young woman’s sleep by tap-dancing on the floor of a hotel room directly above hers. The young woman is Dale Tremont, a beautiful fashion model. In the course of the movie plot, by way of London, Venice and the usual snags of mistaken identity, the two youngsters flirt, dance and fall in love.

top_hat - simbatango com

Fred Astaire
Ginger Rogers
Edward Everett Horton
Erik Rhodes
Eric Blore
Helen Broderick
Lucille Ball

The movie it’s light like the feathers in Ginger’s dress … no dramas, a fews of misunderstandings. It’s just pure joy to watch. A great movie to watch when the rain is heavy on the windows and roof.

Ginger’s dancing customs are just stunning and absolutely timeless.

Quickstep is one of my favorite dances – can’t say I’m very good at it, because its a very complex dance. It all about how good dance partner I have.

First time I danced Quickstep was in Monte-Carlo in September 1972, the evening when I met my life’s most exciting romance – I was 24 years old. Byron was such a good dancer … he swept me away in more than one way for a couple of years.Monaco_wikimedia org

Because I really enjoyed the dance – we practiced a lot .. mostly on his apartment’s big terrace to just to this tune from the movie; “Top Hot, White Tie and Tails”or Beatles “Lady Madonna”. I’m sure his neighbors was entertained and amused. Or closer to truth was that they were annoyed with hearing the same music all the time . Many foxtrot tunes are very suitable for quickstep.

A movie with everything without a proper plot and so watchable. And I just love Fred’s singing. As somebody has called in their review – A Sublime Soufflé!

“We should consider every day lost
on which we have not danced at least once.”
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

top hat - thedancingrest com

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18 thoughts on “the dance scene – top hat (quick step)

  1. Oh Vivi – thanks for today’s smile . . . I’ve just taken a quick turn solo around the living room remembering whilst the music was on!!! Altho’ my mother too was a renowned ballroom dancer and a desired dancing partner in the Officers’ Casino I actually was not allowed to watch such ‘Hollywood nonsense’ as a teenager and had to catch up [and I did] somewhat later in life 😀 !! Fluffy and fun if one has time to go into a dream state awhile!! And I too so loved the quickstep and quietly was frustrated when so few guys could do it in the required tempo and with proper stride . . . yes, memories: thanks!!

  2. 🙂 What a great LOVE story and all the dancing to go with it!
    Long dress, lots of chiffon and silk to sway around and Mr. Right to hang on to 🙂
    Have a wonderful evening! 🙂 xo

    • Dia, there was a lot of dancing along the Mediterranean coast line in those days. Wonderful memories to take out when the wind is strong and rain heavy.
      Thanks, the same to you … *smile

      Lots ….

    • Sylvia, I had some great men in my life … all of them could dance too. Byron was the biggest adventure ever, he was the complete package especially for a young woman.
      Yes, those old movies are all magical .. looked through youtube .. Gene Kelly … and singing in the rain. What a dance. It’s classy and very stylish too.
      There is many good dancers today, but the movies are not the same.

      • Sylvia, I think that is way I’m so contempt today with my single life and my friends … I have so much fun and so many great memories.
        I guess that Byron hadn’t been a great husband, he never married neither … but he was a fanastic lover and he tought me so much about being a young woman and how to enjoy life. The best school I ever been to. *smile

  3. I will have to bookmark this post, Vivi (or whatever it is you do with them!) You have found my all time favourite musical. That dress was made for me!!! (I wish 🙂 )
    Hugs darlin’.

    • Why haven’t my replay to you .. gone on record. So I say again that Ginger’s dress would look fantastic on you. All her dancing dresses are so beautiful and absolutely timeless. Welcome home hugs>>>>>>>>>

  4. One of my favorite films! I haven’t seen a Fred Astaire film I didn’t like (he had other partners in a couple of films, I think). This was the golden era for this kind of film.

    • It’s a fantastic film … but as you rightly wrote … all his films are such great films. I think he had a couple of different partners. But it’s only Ginger I can recall. Thanks for stopping by *smile

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