travel theme – numbers

This is a gallery of mumbers, many off them have connection with Chicago … my favorite city.  But there is also from Gothenburg, Bratislava, Simrishamn, Las Vegas, Belfast, Ullared, Seattle, Vienna and NYC.

It seems like I have a fetish for numbers … *smile – I  find them to be great image object.

“Perfect numbers like perfect men are very rare.”
Rene Descartes

Why not join Ailsa’s fun photo challenge – TRAVEL THEME

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12 thoughts on “travel theme – numbers

  1. Great numbers for this challenge. I like the music as well. I couldn’t imagine my mother liking this music. Our generation seems to have grown with the new music. That’s not to say I like all the new music but I do like a lot of it.

    • Carol, there is music and there is music – I don’t agree with all music that is out there today, but some songs I like. Even if I listen to a lot of all kind of music. This rap and hip hop isn’t really my thing, but there is a couple of tracks that talks to me.
      Thanks for your visit.

  2. Number is a great way to follow the theme. Love the collection, … and 42 with 100 is my favorite. BTW …. you will love my Monday Morning Video in the post with “Charlie” in the title. For you, it’s a must see …. after all, I am the Mad One. 😉

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