happiness can be …..

2 freshly baked croissants from Lidl with cream cheese, blackberry and lemon jam together with a cup of strong Zoega coffee with hot milk on a sunny October Sunday at the kitchen table.

After nearly 2 weeks of rain and wind … we got the most fantastic Sunday today, we have so much to be grateful about especially days and moments like today.

All served with French poem about the autumn, from 1867 recited to beautiful music.

“Autumn Song”
(Paul Verlaine, 1867)

“The long sobs
Of the violins
Of autumn
Wound my heart
With a languor
All suffocating
And pale when
The hour strikes
I remember
The old days
And weep

And I go away
In the ill wind
that carries me off
This side and beyond
Like the
Dead leaf.”


19 thoughts on “happiness can be …..

    • Loisa, no breakfast … it was more like afternoon tea.
      The clouds are here now … so the sunny Sunday is a memory now … but its late afternoon here now.
      Thanks for the comment.

  1. One can feel happiness anywhere at any time and I personally am thrilled when I realize it has unexpectedly crept upon me 🙂 ! Spring is ‘my time’ not autumn and I appreciate Verlaine’s words but do not share the melancholy . . .

    • For me personal is autumn .. melancholy and very beautiful.
      All the fantastic intense colors … but it’s also goodbye to the long light days … it means rain and wind.

  2. I’ve just eaten broccoli and tomato quiche with salad but I think I could manage one of those croissants, Vivi. Blackberry and lemon jam sounds fabulous! Is that a Lidl product too? 🙂 And romantic music- well, I’ll save that for later….

    • I had a bowl of yogurt for lunch. No, the jam comes from our major cider manufacture – that are over where my mum lived. Next time I visit their shop I will buy one for you. There jams are like home made .. and theyare in a way. Romantic music, we all need loads off.

  3. Melancholy in both the words of the poem and music…but a delicious tea you had while enjoying your bit of sunshine. It seems fitting for this very rainy fall day with temps in the 30’s and the possibility of snow as the wind rips the remainder of the orange leaves from the trees here in New England.

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