a colorful saturday

great startA day of orange lilies, a green snake and a very pink bride.

We are back in Chicago in Sept. – now is it all about our fantastic last full day in Chicago and still we had the sun glued to our back. Started off with a colorful fruit salad, back at  “The Corner Bakery Cafe” (brilliant place for breakfast) al fresco breakfast beside East Wacker Drive.

I hadn’t back to Lincoln Park since my first visit in Chicago – in June 2001. After I got an AA voucher for giving up my seat on my flight back to the UK from New York. Didn’t know where I wanted to go so I ask the lady I talked at AA where she should have chosen for her destination and she answered straight away Chicago and so it was.

So it was time to go back and I knew AL would love the park – a park that is truly made for the people of Chicago, just on East Coast of Lake Michigan  … next to sandy beach. And so much to do and the “Lincoln Park Zoo” that is FREE!!!!

At Pioneer Court  there had been a 3 day Turkish Festival during a couple of days for a fee but on Saturday it was all for free so we had a quick look around before we jumped on bus 201.

To use buses in Chicago is straight forward and the drivers are always so helpful, it’s all down to having exact change. People are so polite and helpful on the buses too I haven’t been going on bus that many times, but every time somebody has offered me a seat. Maybe I look really old and tired. *laughing.

We step off the bus a stop too early, but that gave us chance to walk the Nature Boardwalk along the South Pond. We plunged into an urban oasis; a natural ecosystem offers a haven for native birds, frogs, fish, turtles, insects and more. What I understand is the Broadwalk opened 2010, a very pleasant walk to the Zoo and it was easy to imagine how busy and colorful it will be in the spring and early summer with all birds nesting and all the flowers. They have done an excellent job with the Broadwalk.into the greenery

“Lincoln Park” has been singled out as one of the 2009 Great Public Spaces in America, for its world class amenities, historic landmarks and buildings, and for the wide range of activities available to park users. Most notably, Lincoln Park is the result of a commitment by city leaders and citizens to protect 1,200 acres of some of Chicago’s most valuable lakefront real estate for the public’s use and benefit. lion sleep

If we had gone to a Zoo like the Lincoln Park’s in Sweden it would have cost us in total entries fees about $200 in total, here it was all for free – and the park was very busy. There was something going on in every corner of the park.

When I visit in 2001 I was able to put my hand against a female lion’s paw. She was asleep and had one of her paws up against the glass window to their den and hundred’s of kids and I had the chance to put our hand against her. I think she was very aware of her sleeping position. It was an awesome experience. This time she was sleeping also, but no paw against the glass.

We visit every area of the Zoo; birds, snakes, fishes giraffes, and the rain forest – many of the big animals was not out and I don’t blame them, the weather was so hot.

I’m not a snake lover, but since I visit New Orleans Zoo, I have a weakness for the green snake – it’s such a beautiful snake. And I think it’s called “Green Snake” – suppose to be harmless – but I was very pleased that there was glass between them and usgreen snake

We spent nearly 4 hours in the park and we both enjoyed every minute – even if we aren’t any bigger fans of Zoos and keeping animals captured in small areas  … I must admit it was difficult to accept, especially the birds they looked all so sad. But I can also see how popular the Zoo is for Chicago families .. And the kids just love it. So it has a big purpose and joy – plus it’s very well layered out.

201 bus back to the Saturday buzzing downtown stepping off the bus we run into a very pink bird – with 8 guys around her with pink details, hard to say who was the groom. But I think the dress cost too much because she couldn’t afford real flower for her bouquet; pink silk flowers???!!!!! blushing bride

After our short afternoon nap was it time .. for the last evening and we had a great meal and an evening at the “The Little Goat”,  a fun concept where they serve breakfast the whole day – the cheaper version to the very successful “Girl and The Goat” that is located just across off E. Randolph Street. I had the biggest burger ever, GOAT ALMIGHTY – with goat burger . braised beef . bbq pork . pickled jalapenos . salsa verde . onion rings . cheddar. A Grand finale of another fantastic visit.

Randolph Street has become the Mecca of great food in Chicago, top restaurants side by side on both sides.

We walked all the way up to Wacker Drive, where we  waved down a cab – my feet had enough by then. Back at the hotel was it time to get down to serious business;  the packing.

In morning my blogging sister Bebs and her friend Vivian picked us up for the airport and I something I was so happy over, because the hotel porters was really struggling to get taxi to all the departing guests. . It gave our visit a very personal touch too. Thank you so much, Girls.

Chicago …. I will back for more it’s a threat and a promise.

“Chicago, mistress of the lakes,
Controller of our inland trade,
The freest city of our states,
What wondrous strides thy fame has made!”
Charles Frederick White
crossing the chicago river

19 thoughts on “a colorful saturday

  1. Fantastic photos Vivi: you and Oscar really made Chicago look very special . . . loved the animal photos and laughed at you noticing the pink bride having a silken bouquet 🙂 ! Well perhaps she wanted to keep it for her old age, but agree . . . Don’t know Todd Eckart at all, but do like his version of the evergreen tribute to the town!!

    • Eha, I found your missing comment in the spams???!!!!!
      Todd is probably just a happy amateur singer – but I agree he do the song justice.
      There was no Sinatra version to be found on Soundcloud and no other version good enough to be posted, then Todd’s came my way.
      That pink bride was so funny to watch, she didn’t want any shots with the guys .. and the silk flowers – how terrible, but its down to everyone’s taste.

  2. Viveka, so glad you enjoyed another visit – looked like a glorious day. I am jealous since I still haven’t been to the girl and the goat – but glad you enjoyed the related restaurant 🙂 hope you are well!

    • Hi there, Danny …. thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment. Chicago is a piece of cake for me … I just love everything about it and it’s people.
      “The Little Goat” was so busy and the menus are very likeness what I could see. I still would say that Blackbird is one of the better restaurants in Chicago – even if I never got a not okay meal. They have been all more than okay, never been disappointed. Thanks for asking I’m doing steady and steady is good for me those day, but can’t sit down for longer periods – my sorry ass problem. *laughing.

      • Viveka, you make me smile as always 🙂 While you enjoy Chicago, I’m always hoping to head back to your neck of the woods and see more of Sweden — loved Stockholm and wish I could see more of your beautiful country! 🙂 Be well…

      • I watched you Stockolm travel video – beautiful … you really capture the essences of Stockholm, the city nearly built on water, 14 island. Excellent job.You can fly directly with SAS from Chicago – I used http://www.momondo.com – to get great deals on SAS, I really hope that you will have a chance to come back. We would love to have you back. Stay safe and happy, Danny. *smile

  3. Funny! My comment was right on the top of the page just above Danny’s? Where on earth did that go . . . 🙂 ? I even let other Chicago folk know . . .

    • It was there, but suddenly it was in the spam file … and when I was going to move it back, I deleted everything in the spam file by mistake.
      Sorry, my fault. but I have answered you under on the chocolate comment. *smile

    • Yes, I’m very luck … Chicago I been 4 times to now .. it’s one fantastic city in so many ways, people are so friendly and chatty. Just LOVE it.
      I plan to go back .. more times, if possible.

  4. You must be wearing that ‘oh my aching feet’ expression when you get on a Chicago bus, Vivi 🙂 What a lovely post! I was right there with you, willing that lion to roll over and stretch out a paw. Hugs, sweetheart! 🙂

    • *smile … my feet wasn’t that bad .. because I had a chance to walk bare foot in the grass on the way back to the bus stop.
      Yes, I wished that she would laying by the glass .. because it was an awesome feeling to put the hand against her paw, but I done it … and I been there twice. I will go back during next visit, when ever that will be … but it will BE another one, before I’m finished with travelling.
      Thank you so much for … your lovely comment. I wish you had been with us.

    • Uru, that dress is terrible … in my book. I would have gone for a red dress instead. Nothing wrong with strong colors for a wedding, but … that pink is a bit cheap looking, but I hope she will live happy ever after. *smile

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