one world photo challenge – chocolate

Brown/chocolate is one of my favorite winter colors … and I love mixing it with navy blue. Brown images a total different ballgame, but I found some. There is at least 4 shades of chocolate that I know about, I think I have covered them.

I LOOooOoOooOoove chocolate, to eat … but I don’t like drinking it. I even have a chocolate body scrub. smile

“If there’s no chocolate in Heaven, I’m not going.”
Jane Seabrook


To participate:

Create a new post on your blog titled “One Word Photo Challenge:______________”
i.e. for the first week’s challenge your post would be called “One Word Photo Challenge: Magenta”
Include an image or images that you feel fit the theme
Tag your post with “One World Photo Challenge” so that others can find your contribution. Click on this link and it will take you to the upcoming colors; Color Chart

Have fun!

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24 thoughts on “one world photo challenge – chocolate

  1. Have to laugh: when I was growing up the one colour combination that one did not wear was chocolate and blue – cannot see why not 🙂 ! Used to love the colour myself but now rarely wear it: perhaps it fails to gel with all our tropical surrounds and bright sunshine almost all year? Don’t eat any desserts from childhood on but must admit to taking some very dark chcolate [70% +] to bed to watch TV if I have time and thoroughly enjoying it 😀 !!!

    • Today there is no rules about colors or patterns – wear what we want, Fantastic. It was my mum that wore brown and navy .. so I started to do it too .. in the late 60’s.
      Grey and brown for the winter season … I try not to wear black close to the face, because in my age the face is grey anyhow and black make it worst.
      I just love chocolate, but not rich dark or dark .. has to be milk or white. But I like French truffle with powdered dark chocolate on … no, I LoooooOOOOOve them.

      Regarding your comment to Todd’s singing … I deleted your comment by mistake … found it in spam and when I was going to move it I deleted it. Sorry. Todd’s version was the only one I could use … so it was neither him or hear me sing the song. No other acceptable versions available and for being a happy amateur he does it pretty good. Have a great week now.

      • Well remember my [middle-aged] mother did the ‘teaching’ in the late 40s . . . when things were very different 🙂 ! Yes, anything goes here now also . . . Australians are very relaxed, too much so often , , , I have seen people come to funerals in jeans, flowered shirts and thongs and that still is not quite ‘my’ way !!! I love, love, love black and white and beige . . . but do wear soft apricots, pale greys and some lilac . . . since we do not really have a winter and life is outdoors all year . . . oh the dark chocolate is medicinal [remember my medical background and am still studying nutrition 🙂 ! ] . . . doorbell, friends for dinner . . .

      • Yes, I know that I will live longer if I eat dark chocolate, nuts and drink red wine. *smile – don’t have problems with either of them, but after my chemo treatments red wine doesn’t taste so good as it did before, but I still get a glass down now and then.
        I love apricot .. specially with brown and grey. I like black, but I trying to use more colors today .. and avoid it close to the face. Really rarely use black mascara neither. Red is my favorite color and it goes with so many other colors … like camel and brown.
        Have a lovely evening with you friends … delight yourself. Time for weekly grocery shopping for me soon.

  2. What a ‘sweet’ expression on the face of that dog 🙂 🙂 There’s a kind of chocolate mousse that’s like a very thick chocolate drink, Vivi. Can’t remember what it’s called but I could live on it! (well, maybe for a week 🙂 )

    • Uru, wow … I know you love chocolate – thanks for the lovely comment.
      Maybe I should only do posts about chocolate instead of eating it.
      They told me before my chemo treatment that I shouldn’t eat something I really like because the chemo can make it taste terrible. At once I thought about – great, I will eat chocolate … so it turn me off.chocolate, but it didn’t work. *laughing

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