weekly photo challenge – cover art

I can’t say it has been a dream of mine to release a cook book, but quite a few people around me has asked me to. But the biggest hurdle is money, because it cost a lot with food stylists, good photographer and studio. If luck one photo per day would happen. To take food images takes time, plenty time and that means plenty money.

I would love to do a cook book if I was able to connect recipes and images with music tracks – because another off my passions in life is music. A cook book with a CD maybe, that could be played while cooking. My favorite recipes and my favorite music.

But I would prefer that a new track would be played automatic for every page that will be turned.cover art 1

This would be my cover – and if it was possible hear music when you open the book it would be this tune; “Happy” with Pharrel William. My book would be full of easy recipes and happy meals.

Thanks for sharing my dream and I wish you a very pleasant weekend.

“Man is a genius when he is dreaming.”
Akira Kurosawa

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27 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – cover art

  1. Oh Vivi: can’t you somehow make it happen! People already know you for the blog/music combo!! Can’t you find a financial mentor with your background and talent and longterm blog? Methinks a large sector of the blog world would happily talk about this to all their friends and contacts 🙂 !

    [off topic – realized in the middle of the night why I knew ‘so’ much about the lindy hop – sometimes I do take an hour off my work at nighttime to watch light TV – our ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is actually very well produced . . . the lindy hop has been both a compulsory and selective dance during the past few years: so, inadvertently, I must have seen it performed dozens of times 😀 !!]

    • Eha, thanks for believing in my dream – but it’s not only to put the book together. I’m not a famous chef and it needs marketing … and pushing, because it also needs to be sold. I wish it was possible to put music to each recipe.
      I have a fantastic photographer with studio in Belfast that I worked very close with … when we was doing menus and food shots.
      My friend that was pushing me to make a cook book, gave me the idea of doing a blog instead and . that’s all down to her that I have this blog, but there is so many fantastic food blogs out there and me is so much more than food, recipes and cooking.

      I watch “Dancing with Stars” too … love the show. I download the US version every week. We have our own version, but not on the same level as the US and UK is, watched it yesterday.
      Lindy Hop is one of the dances I never can get my head around, but its bit different to watch one couple dancing to how 20 couple dances on the same time. And also my post was about dance steps on the big screen – and in my book the lindy hop in Malcom X is the best I seen in a movie. It’s probably the only one I seen. *laughing.

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    • Lulu, yes … most of them I have on file since my years as a chef … the time in the studio and the photo shooting is so slow and complicated .. and then adding music to each page will never happen.

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