my sunday treat -maroccan style lamb roastbeef

full dishNot very often I come across fresh lamb chumps as I call them, but on some restaurant menus often named as lamb roast beef. A very juicy piece of meat. Lamb chumps refer to the cut of the lamb carcass just next to the leg region. They are tasty, cheap and easy enough to cook.

Last week when shopping at budget chain, Lidle – I found fresh New Zealand lamb chumps in a pack of 4. So I knew that Sunday dinner was going to be a real treat. Yesterday I had a chance to dig out my old favorite recipe. I just love couscous it’s so versatile, use it with fish, chicken, lamb and for salads.

7 spices

The recipe I found online many years ago while living in UK – altered it and made it to MINE!!! When you open that jar after shaken the 7 spices …. You’re automatically transferred to Morocco; a magical aroma.

Maroccan style lamb roastbeef on fruity couscous – serve 4 (45 min in total)
4 pc lamb roast beef (chumps) 4x200gr
1 tbsp grill seasoning
2 tsp turmeric
2 tsp ground cumin
1 1/2 tsp dried coriander
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground cloveslamb chump

300ml/1 1/4 cups whole grain couscous
600ml/2 1/2 cups chicken stock
3 cloves garlic, chopped
12 dates roughly chopped
2 tbsp butter
3 tbsp pine nuts, a generous palm full
2 med red onion, finely chopped

Preheat the oven 100C/200F

Place lamb in a food storage bag. Combine the 7 spices in a small jar with lid and shake well until properly mixed. Sprinkle into the bag and seal bag. Shake and evenly coats the lamb pieces in the spices.

Then start with  the couscous – bring the chicken stock to boil, add couscous and when boiling – bring down the heat and let the couscous smimmer under the lid on low heat for about 20 min until all the stock has been absorbed.full dish close up

Heat a frying pan over medium-high to high heat, add  extra-virgin olive oil, then the lamb. Sear the lamb and caramelize the meat all over, 5 to 7 minutes. Put into the oven while finishing the couscous, which will take about 15 min.

Add into the frying pan with the meat jus the pine kennels, date, garlic and red onion. Fry until the pine kennels has become golden. Only take about a 1 minute – if the pan is a bit dry add some olive oil.lamb chump 3

Take the couscous from the heat add the butter and let rest for about 5 min keep, lid on and then stir the couscous fluffy with a fork and stir in the pine kennel/date/onion mix.

If there is any jus from the lamb after its short time in oven, pour it over the sliced lamb chumps when being plated. lamb chump 2

Use semi deep plates that has been preheated – base the plate with a good spoon of couscous – put the sliced roast-beef and top off with tzatziki. I had some left over sauce vert and tzatziki, so I mixed them together and it came out really tasty.

I must admit that I slightly under cooked the chump – I would have liked to have it more medium – I got it medium rare ….. okay, as you know even the sun has spots. *laughing

“A handful of couscous is better
than Mecca and all its dust.”
Moroccan Proverball gone

31 thoughts on “my sunday treat -maroccan style lamb roastbeef

  1. Geography again comes into play 🙂 ! Now I have eaten lamb at the very least 2-3 times a week most of my life. Here in Australia we market it quite differently. Yes, one can make a ‘lamb roast beef’ [although I have never noticed it called that] but that is of the fillet of lamb cut off whole rows of cutlets! Or roast leg of lamb!! Or possibly lamb shoulder if one wants to stretch the point!!!! There are three kinds of chops: loin [small and triangular], forequarter [oft just called 1/4quarter], cheap, bony and somewhat fat, and chump chops which are cut thicker, are also quite fat and bony . . . definitely not ‘roast lamb’ type of meat. I guess chump chops can be prepared tagine style . . . I may simply not have come up it being used that way . . .tagine spices naturally vary and tho’ I make mine differently I would not like to comment. I guess to each their own, but am surprised at your comment of ‘chump chops’ which is quite ‘bottom of the barrel’ here!! 🙂 !

    • Hi there Eha, I called them chumps … not chops. As I said in the post that the cut comes from the upper leg part.
      I on the other hand have never heard about chump chops before.
      In UK where they eat a lot of lamb .. they are called chumps or roastbeef. Here in Sweden we refer to them as lamb roastbeef. So we are not talking about the same piece of meat.

      Now I’m very confused, because Suzanne say that her mum call them chump chops too. So I really have to ask Google for help here.

    • Eha, for a while I thought I really lost the plot .. and especially when Suzanne told me the same thing. You, girls really got me going here.
      So I had to ask google for help and I had called it the right thing. Also called mini roast, but it comes from the same leg part, but a total different cut. No bone and very little fat.
      Girls, thanks for the great start of my week .. got my grey brain cells working on overdrive. *laughing

      • I guess I have learned something new also, tho’ with a 70 hour working week and university exams coming up I do not necessarily have time to visit Mr Google 🙂 ! Just Australia and New Zealand of course are the biggest lamb/mutton consumers in the world . . . obviously along different lines as lamb roast of course is served rare/medium rare just as roast beef comes to the table en bleu or rare . . .

      • Eha, everyday we learn something new and is the best thing with life …. the lamb mini roast is something you have in Australia and New Zealand too. Because the butcher charts Mr Google showed me yesterday is Australian. To ask Mr Google on take seconds … the information out there is endless, for the better and for the worst.
        Saw a documentary about the internet visionary and brilliant internet activist Aaron Swartz – what a brilliant young man, but how tragic that he had to pay for his believe with own life … by his own hands.


    • Suzanne, you’re the second person that calls them chump chops – and I have never heard that before. Eha, said the same thing. Now I’m very confused.
      Chops or not … it’s a great juicy piece of meat. I prefer it to filet.

    • Suzanne, I had to check with … Google … what I call chumps is not what you call chump chops. You and Eha, really got me going in morning. It’s also called mini roast.
      No bones … Thanks for getting me going. *smile

    • Thanks Andy, glad you like lamb too …. I had to go for Moroccan music .. I could really use “Mary has a little lamb” *laughing
      But I like Arabic music .. or Middle East … had a boyfriend from Beirut once – I got it from our time together.

    • Thanks a million, it turns out so good every time … one of my favorite recipes. And the sauce came out great too. Sauce Vert in itself don’t have that much flavor ..

    • Karen, it’s great … and the spice mix is an explosion of flavors .. that I some time use on salmon. The recipe gets better for every time I do it. Thank you.

  2. omg… looks so good. I love my lamb like this. We’ve got several cuts in the freezer and spices on the shelf. I’m interested to try it with salmon as well. Do you ever use sumac? I’ve been loving it this year. Hope you are well viveka x wendy

    • No, I have never used sumac. I was going to buy some when I was in Istanbul, but forgotten about it. Have to make sure I get some in December when I go back over
      Wendy, I’m doing fine or stable – stable is okay for me those days. I hope everything is okay with you, family .. house and garden .. plus the shop.

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