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I just have to share this with you … my blogging sister Leanne, a fantastic photographer living in Melbourne – that has introduced my and my images to her 1000’s of followers. Thank you so much, Leanne for your fantastic support and cheering on.

12 thoughts on “Introductions – MyGuiltyPleasures

    • Suzanne …. yes, I totally agree … what a fantastic introduction Leanne has done. She are a such fantastic pro photographer and she has the most fantastic blog – and she takes time to introduce an happy amateur like me. I just love it.

    • Uru, yes … it’s a truly love introduction Leanne has done. I feel so good … she got it totally right. And thank you for support and for cheering me on. *smile

    • A-C, she got it totally right too … such a lovely post. How are you???? Do you have a break now.???
      I’m thinking of going over to Denmark on Thursday or doing something … for the day. Because there will be no power in the building for the whole day. Still working on the basement after the fire. Would you have any time????

    • Carol, yes … I have a trip to Australia on top of my bucket list and to meet up with Leanne is of the reasons with the trip, but Japan first. Leanne, is such a lovely person and brilliant photographer.

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