so how did you like las vegas????

vegas view. 1I don’t know how many people have asked me that question and truly I haven’t had a clear answer, because I don’t know for sure. Today I would say it’s what it’s and it’s okay! *smile

There was part of Las Vegas I was amazed over … there was parts that I couldn’t stand and there was parts that I was okay with. If I would go back it would be for the shopping in those fantastic outlets and all the amazing shows.

I been there, I have written the postcards and I even have a T-shirt (that fits). *smilewelcome

There is hotels that is absolutely amazing – like the Cosmopolitan, Wynn, Bellagio and Caesar Palace. There is hotels that looks just like Hollywood movie setting from the 1950’s, like New York New York, Paris Las Vegas, The Venetian & The Palazzo and Excalibur.

MGM I found very okay and same with our own hotel, Hilton Tropicana. Tropicana had the most beautiful pool area, but very short of umbrellas and far too hot to really enjoy. No shade anywhere.T-shirt and sunhat

A friend told me to buy a sun hat – but when we arrived it was more about buying a raincoat. *smile In the morning  the TV showed how parts of the motorway north of the city and vanished because of the heavy rain and Caesar Palace had one more fountain in front of the entrance. By the way I got myself a sun hat – big and colorful. *smile

What I couldn’t handle was the Venice canal rides that people took at the The Venetian for a price of 18$ – and I couldn’t handle that a smaller version of the Eiffel tower was stacked through a hotel, neither could I handle the fake sky in the shopping arcades at the Caesar Palace – why not have glass roof and show the real sky and sun??? Quite a few hotels had faked sky????!!!!!!

The first days of our stay I had problems to except all the artificial stuff – but after that I grow on to it and started take it for what it is. Also I think the condition of my numb foot pads had a big effect on my view on the city. I really suffered and could hardly walk. Thank god for The Strip buses.

What I loved after the shopping was all the fancy cocktails …. gambling and Bellagio fountain. That fountain I could watch for hours in the evening. Las Vegas is nothing for me during day time – more than hot … it’s in the evening when it takes on it’s party dress it becomes HOT and dazzling.

We had some really good meals at Roy’s, Mon Ami Gabi and Tommy Bahama plus all the great value breakfasts at Cocco’s Bakery and of course great Italian ice cream, best one was at Caesar Palace’s Forum Shops , “Ciao Caio Cafe & Bar”

I really liked Town Sq that was off the tourist track, some fantastic shops and restaurants in a very relaxing and beautiful area … and no tourists, on the Strip but south of the all the action, 10 min with the Strip bus.

Las Vegas have never been on my bucket list, but AL she wanted to spend her 70th birthday there. Her birthday is in July and the weather would have been far too hot for us to handle. So the flight from Chicago and hotel stay was my birthday present to her.

I nearly spoiled the whole gift .. with my moaning the first 1,5 days – but I button up and took on Vegas like a woman.

There was very little gambling going on – even on the big casinos in the evening only 40% of the tables and slots was going. I heard about that Atlantic City is closing resorts. A lot of tourists everywhere, but they didn’t gamble. We gamble for about 50$ each and it kept us busy for a couple of days.

AL has serve sight problems that she have to live with … she only has vision from the sides of her eyes. We both are massive fans of Cirque du Soleil, but with her sight problems we were very unsure if she will be able to enjoy a show. I would have love to see one of their shows on water, but we both felt that could made it more difficult for her.

The last day we visit MGM after breakfast and as we left the hotel we got a discount voucher for “KA” and she really wanted to give it a try. AL can’t sit too close or fare away from the stage. The girl at the ticket desk was so helpful and we got seats little on the side on row 3. Perfect!!!!

Also the theater is specially built for show. AL could enjoy the full show and we both we are so glad we decided to give it a try. It was just magical as the Cirq can be. A fantastic ending on our 10 days visit to US.glitter city

Would I go back to Las Vegas ???? I don’t think so – there is other places waiting on me. AL was smart, she took it for what it was.

For me Vegas is a very upmarket version of Blackpool in UK, too touristy for my taste, but extremely fun if being in the mood and I wasn’t.

But what ever Las Vegas was and is for me …. it offered us the most amazing full moon.

“It’s hard to imagine a bigger desert oasis than Las Vegas.”
Cinnamon Stombergerlas vegas moon

46 thoughts on “so how did you like las vegas????

  1. Fabulous photos as usual! I love that wherever you go, you give that particular place a really fair chance by doing and sampling so many different things. I am with you about Vegas…when I was there I took a day and saw all the sights on The Strip and after that, I was done with Vegas. I did enjoy going to Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. Since I had days to kill there while hubs was in class, I got to experience the show “Monk” for the first time and got addicted! (seems like I have shared all of this before???)

    • Thank you so much, Heather ….. we would have done the Canyon if AL didn’t have her sight problems, but it is what it is and she was very pleased with the visit – we done it now .. and there is so many other fantastic places that are more real … to visit.
      “Monk” reads familiar … but that is about it.
      Now am I going for my yearly visit to Belfast, Scotland and Dublin first of all in end end of November and … Christmas in Istanbul.

    • Okay, I didn’t know that your visits to Vegas have been because of family. Around the Strip there isn’t really any everyday life … but I met a fantastic lady at the MGM gift shop. 83 years and there she is charming the customers – she didn’t look a day over 60.She was the real deal, I wish I had asked for a photo. I suppose for everyone that works for and off all Vegas visitors … it’s everyday. I guess that Vegas is always hot.

  2. Vegas is an adult Disneyland in my estimation! Definitely not a daytime destination!! A lot of fun glitz and glamour on the top and oft a rather ugly underbelly!! Methinks the shows of yesteryear used to be more ‘classy’ . . . . the food I always found copious and definitely not ‘classy’ 🙂 !! Lovely, lovely photos of the fountains!!!

    • Now i know way I didn’t really click with Vegas … because it’s like Disneyland. Great said, Eha. I don’t like Disneyland neither, even if I think it’s an amazing setup.
      I couldn’t mind to have been able to watch Frank & Co – the real ratpack. Celine Dion was suppose to be there .. but had to cancel because of her husband being so ill. That fountain was mine & Oscars favorite object. Thank you so much.

      • Oh, Vivi, do not get me wrong – I love Disneyland in time and place 🙂 ! During my first marriage my husband’s family owned Australia’s then biggest plastics manufacturing concern.. Which meant trips to LA every year [have even had lunch with Walt Disney himself a couple of times!]. We made all his extruded toys Down Under. BUT all this is artificial and there is just so much which feels comfortable. I am happy to spend a few days in fairyland to recoup energies in a very innocent manner . . . then one comes back into a ‘grownup’ world 🙂 !

      • Eha, I don’t think I get you wrong – I understand why people love Disneyland and World, but for me is the “none” like the massive amount of people there is. I must admit that I wasn’t to keen on Disney World in Anaheim, but I had a pretty good day at Paris Disney, but it’s not something I would chose for a day out. *smile
        I would have loved to have lunch with Mr Disney myself, how exciting. You have some fantastic stories to tell. *smile

  3. Love your photos, and that Vegas in the daytime is nothing but hot, is so right. Night time is party time. We go at least once a year just to have fun (Eha’s comment is our thought as well…adult Disneyland).

      • I’m not drawn to Paris from anything I have seen or read. I am sure if I ever “got to go” I would love the history and discovery. But there are other places that would call to me first.

      • Colleen, Paris is a beautiful city – and there is a special atmosphere I must admit – but it’s the people … for me that doesn’t add up.
        I think you will really like it. All the old magnificent building and as you say the history.

  4. Wow … that’s some moon capture!

    I’ve said this before Vegas is a place that everyone should see once because it certainly is different … so we did … but we (like you) aren’t eager to return. … but it surely is unique!

    BTW … I hope you see my post today … it’s something special.

    • Frank, sorry .. I have missed this comment. Yes, my new powershot does wonders with the moon. I really like image too.
      No I think I’m done with Vegas, but I’m glad I been there. But it’s a truly strange place and not everything was bad – most was okay .. and some was really good, the fancy cocktails.
      I will be over tomorrow.

  5. Great pics, Viveka. I’ve only been to Vegas once, and then only for one night. I really would love to spend a long weekend there and see a show. Sorry about your sore feet, but congrats on not moaning about them. I hope your friend enjoyed her birthday treat. 🙂 xx

    • Yes, AL she enjoyed Las Vegas for what it was – and I did moan about my feet … and I moaned a lot *smile – not like me at all and AL said so too. But I found a wonderful pair of sandals – Aerosole … like walking on air and they saved my sanity.
      I think you would enjoy Vegas very much … and the shows are brilliant. I would have loved to see Terry Fator and his puppets, but AL wouldn’t be able to understand everything. So that is maybe a reason for me to go back. *smile

  6. 🙂 Even though you wouldn’t go back to Las Vegas, thank you for showing us around! I think it’s been nearly 30 years that I went there…when I see your photos – wow, so much has happened! I don’t know if I’d want to spent too much time there.
    Have a wonderful day, my dear! xo 🙂

    • 30 years ago …. you’re not old enough for that *smile
      I think Vegas will change constantly – but there isn’t anymore space on the Strip now .. they have started to build on the south part now, but it’s a bit away from the action, which can be nice.
      Done it now … there is loads of other destinations that is more interesting.
      The same to you … have a great finish of your week.

  7. The world of wierd and wonderful! But your fountains are superb, Vivi. Worth it for that alone- and company for your friend, AND a t-shirt that fits! 🙂 🙂
    Are you well? Still planning? Have a great weekend. Hugs, darlin’ 🙂

    • *smile … yes, so no t-shirt for you this time. No bling neither.
      I have had a sorry ass this week, so I haven’t been sitting down so much … really really sore, but a bit better today.

      All flights and hotels booked … now is searching for things to see and places to eat. I can’t eat Japanese food for 15 days and I don’t like sushi, so I have to find alternative and eating on hotels, not my thing.

      • I took dizzy pils yesterday … they are just magical, was very sore and then I had to be up by 6am for taking a shower and be able to dry the hair … with the power gone from 7am. Got the power back now. Still a bit dizzy, but I don’t mind. Don’t have to take them that often, but I did a lot of sitting down yesterday.

  8. It has been a few years since we have been to Las Vegas…we went there to celebrate our anniversary as that is where we got married. We basically go for the food, some of the best restaurants in the country are there. Most memorable meal would be Picasso at the Bellagio where we stayed. With wonderful paintings, a view of the fountains and outstanding food, it is hard to forget. In nice weather lunch outside at Mon Ami Gabe where you can look up at a small version of the Eiffel tower while you have steak frites or look across the street at the Bellagio fountains is pleasant.

    • Mon Ami Gabe we had a great meal … one evening. Really like that French atmosphere and it was so so busy. Not able to get table outdoors, but didn’t matter.
      My credit card was declined, because the have the remote pay terminals that based on pin codes – but they still swipe the cards and my card is based on pin code. Thank God I had some cash.
      Picasso is one of the highest rated restaurants in Vegas – but Roy’s has passed it. I’m not much for hotel restaurants .. I want to find places where locals go, wasn’t easy in Vegas, Bellagio is a wonderful hotel – we had a walk through the hotel.
      I had friends has got married in Vegas too .. some so late as last year and they have forgotten to tell me – found out last week. *laughing. I really like the idea of getting married in Vegas, even if I only think LV is okay.

  9. Fabulous photos Viv. I love Vegas, or should I say the memory of ‘Old Las Vegas’. Yes it’s become so commercialized and so young! But the desert is my passion and I consider it adult wonderland. So we have moved over to Arizona and when I need a dose of Vegas, it’s a few hours drive. Oh and yes, my goodness, you need two good walking legs to take in the enormity of Vegas. 🙂

    • Thank you so much …. I have a friend who just love LV, she got married there a year ago and they have forgotten to tell me. Found out last week. *laughing – she is like a big child when she when she talks about it, just like a child on Christmas Days morning. She call it a adult wonderland too .. and I agree with her in some ways, but I have very mixed feeling. Yes, the distance are enormous in LV and I figured that out before we got there, not normal blocks. Thank god for the buses *smile, but we still did some serious walking.
      Many years ago I visit a oasis outside El Goléa in the Algeria – talk about a difference, just sand and more sand. I was digging up “sunroses”

      • Everybody seems to have their own take on LV. I find people either love it or hate it. 🙂 I will always love it even if only for what it once was #nostalgia. 🙂

  10. Hi, glad you found some fun things to do in our town. There are certainly things to love and to despise about Las Vegas. The traffic and the crazy tourists who can’t drive here as an example. You got some fantastic photos of the hotels! And you found TownSquare, amazing really as it’s far south of the Strip. So nice isn’t it?

    Mid summer is a bad time in my view, for tourists as they come unprepared for our summer heat. It’s cooled off now with temps in the 70’s and 80’s which feels cold to me after a summer of 110 degrees. Great post!

    • Hi there, John
      Vegas is what it’s .. can’t say I hate it, but I don’t love it neither. Great object for a camera.
      Thanks for your nice comment regarding the hotels images. I’m not found of taking photos on building after building or moments. The hotels are much more interesting inside, even if some is so over the top.
      Yes, I really liked Town Sq – very relaxed with great shops and restaurants – no tourists. It was really nice to walk around there after dinner and do some shopping at Whole Food.
      My friends birthday is in July and I knew that was out of the questions for us .. it was warm, but it was “handable” and workable.
      Thanks again for your great comment.

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