cruising in the rain

heavy rain fallOne more post about 5 May days in Istanbul and I think I cover most of our amazing visit; we have come to Sunday ….. we had to manage on our own – while Nia and Ylimaz had a sleep in.

So before going to bed we booked a boat tour and after that we planned to visit the Blue Mosque inside. It started of great, the bus to pick up .. to take us to the boat on time – but after that it all went “Istanbulish” again. We were told it was going to take 15 min. More buses arrived … more waiting and no information what so ever.

One hours … just standing there like idiots – the boat arrived all tarted up like for a cheap wedding with white and red ribbons. The sky was getting dark and more dramatic.

It didn’t take long after the tour started the rain came and it came heavy – it was like monsoon rain. I had taken a cardigan with me, because of the visit to the mosque and it saved my life and I could be out on deck under shelter letting Oscar work as nothing was happening.

When we came to the Küçüksu Palace on the Asian side – we could leave the vessel for 30 min and have a look inside, but I decided to dry up under deck instead. Not allowed to take any photos inside the palace. Very pretty little palace that was only used for day time retreat and hunting – it doesn’t have any bedrooms. Completed in 1857, built in the neo-baroque style – very French inspired.

What I understand has it been used about 90 tons of gold to decorate the 7 Ottoman palaces in Istanbul.

When the tour started up again the sun came out again and it stayed with us for the rest of the day.

It was a fantastic day and it’s long time since I got that much fresh air in my lungs. The traffic at sea is aggressive as on the streets in Istanbul; tour boats, big container ships, freight vessels, cruise liners, ferries, ferries, ferries, ferries, ferries, ferries and more ferries. It was just frantic.Bosphorus traffic

We disembarkation at the quay by the Spicy Market and a bus station and my god, talk about being crowed – just people everywhere. It was nearly impossible to move. It was now nearly 3am and we needed lunch, so we sat down at “Saray Muhallebicisi” and order Caesar Salads and looked at the people.

It wasn’t really a Caesar Salad and it was soaked in dressing, but we didn’t really expect it to be perfect neither. Then is was time to take the tram up to Sultanahmet Square and the Blue Mosque, but when see saw the queues to the mosque we understood that we will never be back on the hotel to be picked up for dinner in time.

modern public transport

We took the wrong tram and ended up where we started … more or less – so some walking on a street where the trams was just passing 30 cm from our arms. We were all worn out and the thought of walking the Galata Bridge … wasn’t that inviting for either of us.

So back on a tram again with destination Kabataş and safely back home on the hotel. Where   told that our friends had been asking for us. So a big rush for a shower and change of clothes .. 45 min later, take off for dinner with Nia and Ylimaz.

The tempo is high and aggressive in Istanbul, so now time to return to more off Chicago and of course Las Vegas for more calmer environment. *smile

“A good companion shortens the longest road.”
Turkish ProverbDolmabahçepalatset

25 thoughts on “cruising in the rain

    • Sue, I haven’t been inside (have published images of the mosque in earlier post) … and I going to spend Christmas in Istanbul – hopefully there will be less people queuing up. But to be honest … I don’t visit church at home … why should I do it when I’m holiday.

    • Mortiz, thank you so much … we was well protected on the tour boat we was .. only me on deck working my camera.
      I don’t like thunder … so I was glad we didn’t get any of that.
      I loved the two girls that just kept on walking in that heavy rain.
      Thanks for the visit and for taking time to comment. *smile

    • Bebs, I know you will love Istanbul – and I hope of all my heart that you will make it there. I think I went to quite a few touristy places, but I’m not that keen to take photos of buildings and buildings. I rather take photo of details on the buildings and things around the famous building.

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    • I think even NYC is more relaxing *laughing Istanbul can be very relaxing if you take everything in your own time. Jo, you and your little camera would adore Istanbul.

  2. Again a series of photos and a journey on which I would not have been had it not been for Oscar and you! Love the one of the busy harbour!! Not surprised at the lack of quality of your Caesar salad but am happy it did not contain any bugs ready to give tummy-ache 🙂 ! Perhaps being an old Asia hand I am very wary of anything ‘salady’ in restaurants I do not know well . . .

    • I had only had tummy problems twice under all my travelling and that was in Italy and France. No problem with any food in Istanbul except their fish that had too many bones. *smile
      It’s more about the handling raw meat, chicken and seafood that gives us stomach problems – not green leafs.
      I also think as a chef … my stomach is more or less made of steal, but in both Chicago and Vegas my stomach was acting funny at time .. and I think it was because of the 2 eggs we got every breakfast. Not use to all that eggs.
      Oscar did a great job .. because it was raining and everything was so grey and dull – no colors around what so ever.
      Thank you for coming along with us. *smile

      • Actually in the East raw food like lettuce, tomatoes etc are the most dangerous as they are oft fertilized with infected human and animal waste . . . in most Eastern countries one NEVER eats raw food unless one has been able to disinfect it oneself!!

      • Okay, I had food issues in Europe and US! Also I hardly been to the Eastern countries that could be why – I got very serious ill of Danish chicken and prawns forgotten about those.
        As a chef we have today to soak all fruit and vegetables in special sanitizer for at least 20 min.


    • Thanks, Sylvia … I thought adding authentic music to my travel stories … would give them that little extra touch. Glad you like. So for my Japan stories I have to find some authentic music too now. *smile
      Sylvia, I’m really easy going as a tourist .. expect in Vegas, I was a pain there. I think it was the status of my feet that made me in such a bad mood the first days.

  3. You have some wonderful photos – my fav is the dome amongst the buildings. Lovely colours and angles. You must go to The Blue Mosque in December – I wrote about it on the blog a couple of years ago – take a look for a taste. It would be a crime not to visit personally if you have the chance. If the queues are too long go to The Basilica Cistern and go back to the mosque when they’ve died down.

    • Suzanne, I will check out your post. I will give it a new try in December – we were there in May and so busy. The Bascilica Cistern was busy too. I have to plans to return more times, so I don’t have to cram everything into a couple of days.
      Thanks for your compliment about my images, it was really hard to get any color under that heavy grey sky we had, but it was sunny in the morning and afternoon. Istanbul is a very colorful city in more than one way.

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