delightful madness

busy watersI’m now taking you back to Istanbul in May and our last day started of with a visit to the post office, just across the road and get the 44 postcards sent off – and then the ferry over to Kadikoy – my friend wanted to buy curtain fabrics. A very nice area with great shops, cafe’s and restaurants.

The ferry journey in the sunny morning was so amazing and we passed the Maiden’s Tower twice, my cupcake. We didn’t visit this time, but it will happen. The Maiden Tower (Turkish: Kız Kulesi), also known as Leander’s Tower. Even if nobody really know when the tower  was built, the tower’s architectural style is said by some sources to be from around 340 BCE.

What I like about Istanbul when it’s about shopping is that all shops lay in more or less categories – just like the Grand Bazaar. Our hotel was in an area with only technology, not much shopping there for us. But where Nia’s fabric store are is only shops for sawing and hand craft. Very smart system.

Don’t have a clue why I didn’t let Oscar work in the stores we visit, they where like candy stores, with ribbons, thread and laces in all color shades.

Back in Karaköy, did we take  The Tünel is a short underground railway line in Istanbul, Turkey. It is an underground funicular with two stations, connecting the quarters of Karaköy  and Beyoğlu. Inaugurated oin 1875, the Tünel is the second-oldest subterranean urban rail line in the world, after the London Underground. Perfect because it’s a very deep hill to walk up.

Up at Beyoğlu did we stayed on İstiklal Avenue, a very busy street –  visited by nearly 3 million people in a single day – and the famous historic red trams. It’s 1.4 kilometers long in total and goes up from Beyoğlu station to Taksim Square. A fantastic street for eating, drinking and shopping of course.

Also the street is the consult’s address of several nations including France, Greece, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

We walked the whole stretch – because Nia wanted us to have a sandwich at her special sandwich shop, Duran. We had a grilled chicken wrap and a soft drink, great sandwich – and we where seriously hungry – so a stop at the famous Mado Ice Cream was welcome.

Nia know that I love my ice cream and she promised that I should try the best ice cream in the world, MADO: a website worth visiting.

And I must admit that it’s the the best ice cream I had so far. Sorry, Mövenpick!!

The whole store and restaurant was just amazing. They had Baklava of different variations – and customers enter the shop all whole time to buy Baklava. A concept that started in 1992 and today they have 20 Mado Cafe abroad.

After the ice cream did we walk all the way back to Beyoğlu station, where I at first couldn’t find my ticket for the return journey on The Tünel. But I found it – a little late, because Nia had already bought me a single ticket. Typical me and very typical Nia, a heart of gold.

We walked Nia to her ferry and it was time to say goodbye – not fun at all and we were all emotional. We all know that we will meet again, but it was hard to see her walking away.

In evening we had a our last meal up in the old town at a restaurant I was recommend by a journalist and it truly lived up to his good words, Zübeyir Ocakbaşı”.

We had a stroll up to the Taksim Sq and the nightlife was very busy – and it was time to go back to room 304 to back … it was time to say goodbye to the most magical and colorful city I ever been to. We had early departure from the hotel, Peninsula Galata Boutique Hotel, the following morning.

Istanbul, see you again 22th of Decmeber. I hope you’re ready????!!!!

“If one had but a single glance to give the world,
one should gaze on Istanbul.”
Alphonse de Lamartineturkish proudness

22 thoughts on “delightful madness

  1. What a beauty of a city Istanbul is. The trains, architecture, eating and architecture. Is it one of your favourite cities that you’ve visited? That ice-cream looks soooo soft. I will take your word for it that it’s better than Movenpick…I’m not that a huge fan of Movenpick anyway 😀 Walking around a city on your own or with a friend is the best way to explore it: you can stop anytime you like, go wherever you like. No tour guide to pull you here and there (of course these guides do sometimes provide great history lessons). Love hearing your travel stories, Vivi 🙂

    • Mabel, I’m not much for tours … I like the hop on and off buses, but I want to explore on my own or with friends. The history Google will help me with.
      Istanbul is a true diamond – so beautiful and with so much history, color and lights … plus traffic and people of course. No, Chicago is my favorite city followed by Vancouver and Hong Kong., But Istanbul is one of the most interesting cities I visit. I’m spending Christmas in Istanbul this year … and I’m so excited over that, it’s a beautiful city.
      I love Movenpick ice cream .. their vanilla !!! But Mado is better.
      Thank you for sharing and commenting on my travel stories … have one more from Istanbul .. Chicago and Las Vegas of course.

    • Maralee, it truly is … so much to see and do …. plus all the water and it’s very hilly … and it goes on and on.
      But it’s an aggressive city on roads and waters. You would love it. How is your planning for Sweden coming along???

    • Yes, so true – otherwise will they be building up on me.
      I notice that I have jumped one day of drafts … but who cares. Will post it next week.
      So excited over my Christmas in Istanbul.

  2. A fascinating insight into a side of Istanbul I’ve yet to explore. I’ve only visited the Sultanahmet area so far. We also noticed that the shops were in areas – a whole street dedicted to printed stationery where we were! Love the way the music stopped just as I finished reading – how did you do that! 😉

    • Suzanne, I have done a couple of posts about my visit in May. I have so much more to see and do. In Sultanahmet area I only spent a day.
      We had a fantastic in my blogging sister Nia that lives in Istanbul.
      Regarding the music I think it was pure luck. This song was a massive hit in 1999 all over the world … driving me mad. Now I like it.

  3. I so enjoy travelling with you just because you do not follow any tourist guide route: what I see is almost always new and thus interesting 🙂 !

    • Eha, we had a fantastic guide in my blogging sister Nia – but we took a boat tour . I’m not much for following a person with a sign. *smile
      Have a pleasant weekend now.

  4. Woaah the first few pictures made my head swirl ! What a colorful bunch of photographs, Loved them all ^_^

    And that song made me wanna ‘Cha Cha’ lol Heard it after such a looong time..Thanks for revising my memory !

    • Sylvia … then “Kiss Kiss” was make the world unbearable … in 1999 – I hated the song .. was so sick an tired of it – now I can get enough of them … it’s about a girl that is very spoiled *smile – great happy song.
      Thank for your lovely comment – had two posts sitting waiting for images as drafts … and I took them in wrong order. *smile So one more to come … then on to Las Vegas.
      My pleasure … we need our memory lane at times. *smile

  5. He he he 🙂 I missed my city Istanbul, dear Viveka! I was in Baku, and just came back home. Baku is like a fairy tale city,especially during night I love this city but my home town, my sweet home, ah how much I missed… BUT the weather is cold and no sunny days now… And yesssssssss I am so tied too 🙂 Need to take a rest for some time…
    Thank you, love, nia

    • Hi there, Nia … Welcome Home! I understand that you are tired with all this wedding business and travelling back and forward.
      We had sun for a couple of days now .. but it has been very WET and windy for weeks.
      Put your feet up now and enjoy the feeling of being at HOME! Lots …

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