the dance scene – anna karenina 1997 (waltz)

dance - psd150 orgAnna Kanerina, novel by Leo Tolstoy, was published in serial installments from 1873 to 1877 in the periodical The Russian Messenger, has been made into many screneplays, the first one in 1911.  The story about Anna a wife and mother who has an affair with the handsome Count Vronsky .Anna Karenina - wikimedia org

There is made 16 screne versions and interpretations of the this timeless, beautiful, intense, tragic and hopeless love affair – between 1911-2013. “Anna Karenina” is my favorite novel, normally I have problems with Tolstoy’s books because of all the names and nicknames, but in this I could keep a record on all of them. “War and Peace” I have given up on. *smile

I have seen a couple of them, but nothing have be able to be compared with the 1935 version with the most beautiful actress ever, Greta Garbo as Anna Karenina and Fredric March as Count Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky.anna karenina - greta garbo - film-game cz

In the 1997 when Bernard Rose’s version of Anna Karenina, starring Sophie Marceau and Sean Bean … had me captivated for all 108 min. I left the cinema in London madly in love with Sean Bean. The first American version filmed entirely in Russia. I was dazzled.

Joe Wright’s 2013 version starring Keira Knightley and Jude Law I didn’t click with at all … for me it was a film that was trying too hard to be something like Moulin Rouge. Neither was the acting convincing and the setting was totally wrong for this wonderful and bitter love story – a theater???!!!

anna karenina 1997 - filegaga com

Sophie Marceau
Sean Bean
Alfred Molina
Mia Kirshner
James Fox

The movie is very true to the novel and so beautiful made. All scenery is so beautiful – both outdoors and indoors. A pleasure for the eyes. This adaptation retains most of the Russian feeling and atmosphere, being filmed there, and also including some Russian dialog from time to time.

Sophie Marceau is fantastic and very believable, the French accent makes her even more charming. Sean Bean maybe doesn’t look very Russian, but I if I was going to start an affair I would gladly do it with him no matter what nationality he will have and  his acting is brilliant. James Fox that plays Anna’s husband Alexei Alexandrovitch Karenin are just splendid, but nothing else to be expected from this superb actor.

The ballroom scene is one of the most intense scenes in the movie.  Where Kitty rushes to the ballroom  for dancing the opening waltz with Alexei, but he has only eyes for Anna. (the speech quality isn’t the best, but the music superb and the acting too)

Sean in the end scene, on the train, is magnificent where he tells the audience that he are going to war to die. He is so restrained and holding pain within and trying to hold up some sort of front that is strong and it is made so clear to the audience exactly what he is going through. I just love the end.

The movie has also the parallel love story about Konstantin Levin and Kitty – that has a much happier ending.

In my eyes this movie is just plain terrific – one of my favorite movies and I must have seen at least 10 times so far. The cinematography is so fantastic and the acting superb. This bittersweet movie is utterly eye candy for everyone.

An excellent rendition of a very complex book.

Of course the soundtrack by Georg Solty with all the beautiful and powerful Russian classical music just increases the dazzling.

“If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.”
Leo Tolstoy, Anna KareninaAnna-Karenina_ dogbreedspicture com

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27 thoughts on “the dance scene – anna karenina 1997 (waltz)

  1. I don’t believe it Vivi! Anna Karenina is my favourite book also and now I have the great task of finding your new favourite version! The ultimate romantic story . . . but you will not believe me!! I was the only child of pretty elderly and very busy and social parents. They were only too happy to let me ‘bring myself up’ sitting on the rug in front of the fire in our big library. Well, I taught myself to read by 5 [in Estonia school began at 8] and saw this book with a funny name: ‘kare’ means ‘rough’ in Estonian and ‘nina’ means ‘nose’!! ‘Rough Nose’? So I tried, found it difficult at first and then was crying bucketloads: it was SO beautiful!!! So took it to bed until I had finished and was quite inconsolable!! I must read it again!! BUT, I did manage ‘War & Peace’, well over a 1000 pages, by age seven, and whilst ‘Anna’ has remained my favourite book, Natasha Rostova has always been my favourite Tolstoy character and I can still recite whole paragraphs of words ascribed to her . . . oh what a funny world!!!!! Well Sweden and Estonia and roughly the same age group: I guess we came up against the same things . . .

    • Wow, when I was in that age .. I could hardly read at all.
      3 times have I picked up “War & Peace” and given up. I even watch a movie to make it easier to remember all the names, but no way. So I maybe have to go e-book.
      I read “Anna” about 40 years ago and it’s such complex novel, but so captivating. Tolstoj wrote re-markable novels.

      • My mother was the Chief Financial Controller of Estonia’s biggest publishing company in her youth [and that was in the 1920s: our women could easily be professional from the late 1800s] and got a free copy of every book published . . . now I have to buy mine but still manage 4-7 books a week: just ‘horses for courses’! . . . . by the same token most of my screen ‘watching’ is uni lectures and political and economic presentations . . . 🙂 ! Only 24 hours in a day I am afraid!!!!!!

      • 4-7 books per week …. my god!!!!! I haven’t read a book for nearly 20 years … before that I manage one per week. Don’t know what has happen.
        You’re mother was an amazing and influential woman. Good on her. I think she will be doing very good in today’s environment too.

  2. I’m with you about the 2013 version … but I can’t recall which version captured my attention. As for the Viennese waltz, a beautiful dance to beautiful music … but I don’t do it because I get dizzy very easily … thus if I was dancing Viennese, I would have to wear a barf bag like a horse wears a feed bag.

    • Uru, I didn’t like the latest version at all … no good acting and the scenery was totally wrong. I couldn’t wait for the movie to end. *laughing … could have saved those money. *mile
      This is what I find closest to the novel – of the movies I have seen.
      Lots Wivi

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