quick fix – red wine chicken liver with chanterelles and green beans

steaming chicken liver

I just have a passion for sauces – with cream, without cream, jus .. in whatever form the sauce is what makes the dish.

When I do sauce, I do far too much – doesn’t matter if I cook for a party or myself. So then there always leftovers – so I freeze the sauces, even the ones that is cream based.

And for me as a lonely diner I can only freeze in small portion, so I use cosmetic travel size bottles that hold about 100ml/3.4oz. I fill them to 3/4 and freeze them. If I have guests over, I defrost one bottle per guest.

chicken liver page

Always defrost the sauce in the fridge, specifically if its a cream based – otherwise it will split when reheated.

I also have a passion for chicken liver – I buy frozen in Germany or fresh when I’m visiting the Asian Supermarket in Gothenburg – and it was a while ago since I last bought, about a 14 months. I found a little bag in freezer. It had some some area of freeze damage , that I cut away when I cleaned the liver. I defrost in a sieve and rinse liver very careful after cleaning – and put it back in the sieve until cooking.

rice & cheese

Rice is not really my thing and plain rice …  NooooO! But it happens that I can crave for rice and for this dish it was perfect, I flavored it with grated Parmesan cheese and butter plus load of fresh ground black pepper.

For this dish I used a full hand of chicken liver, chopped red onion, some frozen green beans, frozen red wine sauce, a handful of dried chanterelles (soaked in water for about 30 min and well drained) and diced frozen bacon.

chicken liver page 4

I started with some butter in the frying pan – added the onion and bacon, when the bacon was cooked I added the mushrooms and the green beans, that I had defrosted – but not cooked. For seasoning I just used freshly ground black pepper and Himalaya salt. When everything was heated through and cooked – I removed it from the frying pan and kept it warm.

Then I added some olive oil to the pan and fried the chicken liver to a nice color and medium raw … than I added the vegetable mix back to pan and glazed off with the red wine sauce – that I hadn’t reheated and stirred it all together. I like my chicken liver slightly pink. But I forgotten to add the whole grain mustard and which I missed.

chicken liver page 3

To easy make a rice ring – I put a bowl upside down in the middle of the plate and scoped the rice round  – when I lifted the bowl there was a nice round spot for the chicken liver to go. To finish off  I just scattered some frozen Findus Italian herb mix over the rice.

On a menu the description would be;
Pan-fried chicken liver with bacon, chanterelles and green beans,
glazed with red wine jus on Parmesan buttery rice.

…  and I ate all the rice. *smile

 “Chicken one day, feathers the next”

chicken liver


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