tango colors

Today my wonderful mad and very creative blogging friend Frank@A Frank Angle sent me the most amazing video in one of his comments. Frank has published his 1500th post today and big celebration; music, firework and dance … and treats all over  internet.

I just have to share it with you.

Frank is a ballroom dancer – he dances more or less every weekend with his wife – I wish I had a man like Frank in my life. I just love ballroom dancing and especially tango. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to dance Argentine tango, I never got around to it and now my numb feet will struggle … neither am I able to wrap myself around a man, like it’s needed in this kind of tango. So I stick to the less adventures steps.

Frank also know that for me our world can’t get enough colors so this video has that too, the full rainbow. The song surprised me – not at all what I expected an Argentine tango to be, but I like it. Ok Go - d3 ru

The band I never heard about,  OK Go – and the same with the track … Skyscrapers, new to me too.

Wikipedia tells me that OK Go is an American indie rock band from Chicago. OK Go was founded in 1998 and is active today. The group’s best-known work is probably the single “Here It Goes Again.” “Skyscarpers” was released in 2010 on their album “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky”


“If you get all tangled up, just tango on.”
 Al Pacino in Scent of Woman

Image provided by and thanks to; teamioffe.com & d3.ru


21 thoughts on “tango colors

  1. I enjoyed it very much, thank you! Never heard of the song nor the band. I used to watch Dancing with the Stars and they do use contemporary music and you’d be surprised at the tempo/beat they go with.

    • I love US dancing with the stars … but I have to download the episodes and this years the download has been so bad. Really upset about it. It’s a fantastic show … our version of it “Let’s Dance” is so weak. My favorite dancer is Derek, he could make a dancing star out me too. What a dancer. I love their music choices – very contemporary and totally outside the box.
      OK Go .. is a Chicago band, so you have to look out for them now. *smile – have a great week.

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing this one Viveka! This is the first time I see tango to music that is not “tango music”, it makes me respect tango even more as dance form. So beautiful! Love how they played with colours too. Perfect video to start the day with!

  3. You should consider trying out Argentine tango at least once. It is an experience of many shades of color and emotions. This video was a pleasure to see. Thanks for sharing Frank’s video.

    • True pleasure to share the video. I think you’re right … have to rethink or maybe I should go to Argentina and do it. Lived in Belfast for 10 years and they had a club and every week I was thinking of joining – but never happen. Don’t felt confident enough, I guess. Thank you for cheering me on. *smile

    • I like “strictly” – but the American version is just FAB, it’s BBC over there two and with Len & Bruno judging too. – the Swedish is a little brother to yours and theirs.

  4. Wow! Colour and the tango. Two of my favourite things. My husband and I took ballroom dancing years ago. We went religiously for 14 months, 3 times a week but we couldn’t master the Argentine Tango. We’re all about the waltz and jive but I love watching people who do the tango well.

    • Carol, same with me .. dance and colors – bring so much joy to me.
      Wonderful that you have done ballroom dancing. 3 times a week – good on you two. Jive I just love, but it’s truly hard going. It belongs to the Latin section of ballroom dancing and that isn’t my forte. Argentine tango must be one of the most difficult dances there is. I’m like you … love watching people dancing any tango. Mine isn’t good but I can make it around the floor. I wish I had started with Argentine tango when I was younger, now forget it!!!!

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