weekly photo challenge – nighttime

Las Vegas moonThe Night
by: Edwin Curran

“I hear the moving night
Touch with his robes the sea,
His step, the bright starlight,
His walk, eternity.vienna & moon

I hear the night go down the earth
A music passing by
That moves along with quiet mirth
Between the earth and sky.

His wings unfold the winds and clouds
Above the rustling bars;
His shoulders move the trees in crowds,
His trailing cloak drops stars.trump tower

His eyes look on the world with peace
His hair is gray and white;
His loosened scarf trails to the seas
In fold on fold of light.

I hear the night go down the wave
His footstep on the deep;
His shoulders in the sky’s blue cave,
His fingers sowing sleep.”

crown fountain.1

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28 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – nighttime

    • Thanks, Dia – I have been more or less in bed for a week now with a terrible pain in neck and shoulder … I get it from time to time, but what a pain …
      So it was a bit of afford behind this post – so thank you so much … my favorite image is the one from our evening walk in Vienna.

    • Tina, thank you so much … the Crown Fountain in Chicago is busy day and night … with people in all ages taking their shoes off … and wade in the fountain – the cyclist I didn’t notice until I check my image. I can image he had a good time cycling in the water.

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    • Oh, thank you so much for the lovely comment – the music was more or less given …. W.A.Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik- I love your very romantic thought.

    • Thanks, Jo … I know the Vienna image is one of your favorite – that’s why I chose to use it again. I like it too.
      My Hong Kong & Japan trip … ????? All hotels are booked, Kyoto was difficult – fully booked nearly. Must be the cherry festival. Got a hotel in the end … in the area where I want to stay. Have one flight to book .. Hiroshima back to Tokyo. Then the Japaneses rail pass, tours and airport transport also – then all is done and I can start looking for … great places to eat. But before that Belfast 24.11 and Christmas in Istanbul.

      • Yes, I’m not a Christmas fan … and with my friends in Thailand over Christmas and nobody to spend Christmas with – I want to go somewhere there is no Christmas. So back to Istanbul. Christmas is just about eating too much – and looking at too much TV. *laughing.

  2. I love how these photos come with a fitting soundtrack. This is only the second post I’ve heard/seen like this. Great job pairing the two forms of art!

    • Pixie, thank you so much … I’m sure there is loads of bloggers that use music background to the blogs – but I prefer when every post has it’s own music that is related to the post’s contest. Because I love music too.
      Thanks again for your appreciation.

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