cakes, drama and moans

cupcakesFriday …. was postcard mailing day and we both felt that we needed to give our feet a day of rest, we had Las Vegas to think about too and it was hot in Chicago and it was going to be a lot hotter in there.

We used my favorite post office … at the Aon Center Plaza, beautiful oasis with fountains, waterfall and greenery below street level – on 200 E Randolph St. The same two ladies still there … not the most attractive post office but there have never been any queues and both ladies have been very helpful and chatty. I was thinking smart, so we bought also stamps for all the Vegas cards too – because with looking for post offices in Vegas with help of Google – it wasn’t going to be any in walking distance.

Nothing in Vegas is in walking distance in if it wasn’t for spending money fast. *smileNorth State Street repairs

We had an okay breakfast at Au Pain Bakery that is next to the post office, we got great coffee and fantastic fresh fruit salad.

I can’t remember much about our activities that day and looking at my images … we must have done nearly nothing more than taking it easy. We had plans to visit Shedd Aquarium, but I don’t know what happen to that plan. It was an extremely hot day, so the aquarium would had been pleasant cool.

But we run into “Magnolia Bakery” – and there we had the best cheese cake ever, just magical. The whole place was so busy and the girls was baking and making fantastic cakes in sight inside the café. What I understand is it a New York concept – but whatever they really have a good thing going and they also have fantastic lemonade. They sold cupcakes by the dussins constantly.

Well back to the hotel, just as we was going to enter the hotel we heard sirens and the next minute the hotel lobby was full of firemen – carrying hoses and other equipment. The staff seems very calm and collected – so we just sat down and waited for instructions. Two trucks outside and I took Oscar with me out. Some people tried to use the lift ??????!!!! And was told off of course by the staff.

A bit of drama for about 30 min and all the firemen left the building – nobody informed us what had happen, so I suppose it wasn’t anything more than false alarm.

In the afternoon a soft rain came over us again and looking over to the magnificent Trump Tower there was some outdoor event going to happen, but with the rain everything seems a bit confused – all the pretty ladies very quickly disapeared.

trump tower view

In the evening we had a fantastic meal at “BEATRIX”,  one of the up coming stars on the Chicago gastro sky, but has been around for 2 years. So so busy. We had to wait in the bar with some fancy cocktails for about 15 min before our table was ready.
We shared an “Ahi Tuna Crudo Seven Flavor Chili” as a starter – and the flavors was just amazing. Probably one of the best tuna starters I ever had.

As main we both went for their “Caramelized Pork Shank with Cider Reduction, Ichigan peaches window herbs” – without a doubt the best pork dishes I ever had. We had a fantastic red; Californian Clayhouse Malbec – superb!! It was only me that went for dessert – Chia Pudding, never heard about before. Made like a porridge from chia seeds and coconut milk, served cold with passion fruit and mango preserves. Very interesting dessert and I really liked it, but the portion was far too generous for me to finish it all, but I made a great attempt.

“BEATRIX” provided without a doubt our best dinning expericance during our 10 days. You will find them on 519 N. Clark Street, phone number; 312-284-1377- reservation is nessecary. Their coffee is superb too.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel along N Clark Street in the very warm and pleasant evening, it took us about 15 min back to the hotel. We passed over Clark Bridge that is supposed to be haunted. Because of the Eastland Disaster occurred nearby in 1915, in which an overloaded passenger steamer Eastland capsized while still tied to the dock, killing over 800 people. It is said that their moans and cries can still be heard around the Clark Street Bridge. We heard no moans, but there was loads of cracking sound going on in the metal contruction. Maybe the same thing.

Once again Oscar had to work a bit for the money.

“To live is to be haunted.”
Philip K. Dick

Wacker's Drive

24 thoughts on “cakes, drama and moans

  1. Sounds like a great time. My husband and I haven’t been back to the U.S, since 911. Nothing to do with the threat of a terrorist attack. We’ve had encounters with Tea Party conservatives here at home and abroad that have left a bad taste in our mouths. Maybe some day we’ll venture back and start in the more liberal states. I think I’ll start with New York City.

    • Carol, I’m a bit lost now … this with Tea Party conservatives????!!! How can they influence your travelling ???!!! I really hope that you start travelling again, because it’s just such amazing “school” . NYC is a very exciting city with a very high pulse, but no heart – in my book. *smile

  2. Magnolia is always so busy. It started in NY and there the line is longer. You’ve had too many encounters with the Chicago Fire Department. All the pictures you took are wonderful. It’s nice looking through your eyes because I have taken so many things for granted having lived here for so long.

    • Yes, Chicago have a very busy fire dept. They were on the go 24/7. I suppose every visitor have their own view on places they visit – and very different to the locals views.
      Thanks for your lovely comment. *smile
      I wish you a great week. Sitting in Gothenburg just now. Visiting friends, but staying on hotel. Great breakfast.

    • Karen, you know me … there is always good food involved … when I travel. *smile Just like you! – yes, we got a good rest, we both need new feet and it was getting worst by the day.
      Have now been to exam with my feet, I hope to God that they find a way to help and ease my problem, only took 4 years.

  3. 🙂 MANGA TACK for the postcards, my dear Wivi!
    You should have seen the big grin on my face when I opened up the mail box! I couldn’t believe that you took the time to write cards, when you had such a busy schedule. Now your cards are stuck to my fridge.
    what is the red cake in the picture? I can’t make up my mind if I think I like it or not.
    Sweet dreams xo 🙂

    • The red cake is the chocolate and raspberry cheese cake – the best cheese cake ever had, so moist and burst with flavors. You would have loved too.
      So glad that the postcards have arrived and that you enjoy them. I thought that it was about time that I add you to my mailing list.
      I hope you got a bling one from Las Vegas.
      Have a great week, Dia … loads of hugs.

    • The cafe was a great escape from the Chicago sun – really love concept.. and their cheese cake was superb. Any excuse for nice coffee and a good cake. *smile

    • Suzanne, thank you so much … the food is such important thing for me when I travel – it’s the cream on the mash!
      We didn’t walk very much that day, but the camera manage to capture a lot.

    • Sylvia, thank you so much … for your lovely comment. I know you would enjoy Chicago so much as we did. Fantastic small big city with heart and big smiled. Have a lovely weekend.

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