5 days of random vienna leftovers

As a little break from Chicago …. I have done this –  just a  image gallery in random from my fantastic and hot visit in Vienna, and the day trip to Bratislava – in the beginning of August. Image that hasn’t been used in any of my post about my visit in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but maybe not one of the most exciting cities.


 “Don’t shoot what it looks like.
Shoot what it feels like.”
David Alan Harvey

17 thoughts on “5 days of random vienna leftovers

  1. You have a unique way of looking at things. I was comparing the photo you and I took of your margarita and we looked at it differently. Yours was better.

    • Bebs, it wasn’t easy to manage to get any great shots of our cocktails in that dark dining room – mine isn’t great, but have to do. I crop my images at time too … get them more in close up mode. You take brilliant shots!!!!
      I’m the last 2 years I have started to playful together with my cameras. Everything doesn’t have to be in “straight on mode.” I learned that from the photos of Chicago that was displayed all around Hyatt Hotel.

  2. I hate photos that don’t get ‘used up’, Vivi, but it’s inevitable sometimes, isn’t it? Especially when you travel so much. 🙂 🙂 Not like me (smile)
    More hugs!

    • You must have loads of leftover shots too … you travel your way and you do a magnificent job with sharing it – every week you have done walks.
      Why not make a monthly leftover post … or something – do it in random so the gallery will be different for every viewer. We don’t have to write stories in every post.

  3. 🙂 I always enjoy your picture galleries. Some of these pictures I remember, some we have taken together (like the red carpet and the moon).
    You busy bee, you!
    HAPPY weekend! xoxo 🙂

    • Thank you, Dia …. I really like the red carpet shot – we had a truly magical walk in that Vienna moonlight. Thank you once again for the fantastic hours we had together – and I will be back for more next year. We have our date in Copenhagen too and our cruise. *smile

      • Thank YOU! It was so much fun finally meeting you in person and I so enjoyed our time together! 🙂
        You bet, we have a date to look forward to, dear Wivi! Again I played the lottery and got 1 ( in words: ONE) number right 😀 Hahaha! Well, I’ll just keep on playing for our cruise xo 🙂

    • Louis Vuitton used them in their shop windows … so beautiful .. they captured my attention too. All different sizes. Thank you so much, Frank … have a great week!

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