weekly photo challenge – humanity

The first thing that came to my mind when it’s about this week’s subject – humanity – is those that risk their life to serve, help and protect us. Our everyday heroes.

So my gallery here is from my 5 days in Chicago about a week ago.

In Chicago there was a bit of drama every day and night – and one afternoon when we returned to our hotel we had a visit of Chicago Fire Dept, truck 3 and 13. Don’t have a clue what had happen, but the hotel was cleared after 30 minutes. Maybe the alarm was caused because they had 2 hot Swedish “girls” staying in room 3814. *smile

“Paradise is too perfect for humanity.”
Dario Argento

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33 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – humanity

      • Colleen, I saw the cold front moving over US in the weather reports on TV in LV. They even talked about snow.
        The weather is really messed up those days.
        Had a brilliant time – but my feet was suffering in Vegas. I found a pair of heaven sent Areosole sandals that saved my life. *smile

  1. Great interpretation of “humanity”. It’s easy to forget the people who are available to help, at any time, under any circumstances. Here in the Netherlands there have been some incidents when ambulance staff have been attacked by people. If they can not do their work safely, what then? That’s a huge paradox for society/humanity to handle.

    • That is something I have so hard to understand … something that happen in Belfast every day more or less.
      I can’t see the point in a behavior like that – they could be helping their family the next day.
      I will never understand the human race.

  2. Lovely interpretation of this week’s challenge. Men in uniform and flashing lights every where. What a scene. In and out of the hotel in a jiffy to set things right 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your stay 🙂

    • Mabel, yes there was a lot of action around our hotel – the first night … they most had got an alarm that somebody had jumped from one of the bridges … search boats, police, ambulance, fire dept and news helicopter – but nothing was said on the news in the morning.
      What happen behind our hotel .. I don’t know but there was loads of action in police cars and on police on bikes.
      In Chicago is so easy to enjoy!!!!! Thanks for your lovely comment.

      • Lots of actions always means something to look at. But glad that it was nothing major that happened. It would be an inconvenience had that been so.

        Hope you’re enjoying (or enjoyed) the streets of Chicago, Viv. Wander around and have great food 🙂

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