body clock messed up

room with a view

03.20am in Chicago  = 10.30am in Landskrona.

And even if we had a fantastic fih & chips at “Pearl Tavern” around 4am Swedish time – and went to bed around 11pm Chicago time – that meant that we had been awake for about 20 hours – are we awake now again.

So instead of laying in bed; tossing and turning – here I’m. Trying to figure out how the fancy coffee maker makes tea ?????!!

This Morning – are promising a fantastic sunny day inside the loop and less humid. Sound good to me.

Last night before I went to bed –  there was some drama on and  around one of the Chicago River bridges – with seach boats out in the river and news helicopter in the air … I hope that nobody got sad news last night.

Now are all bags unpacked …. time to crawl back in bed, 5.13am.

I wish you all a fantastic Wednesday. 

too fancy for tea

“I think insomnia is a sign that a person is interesting.”
Avery Sawyer





23 thoughts on “body clock messed up

  1. Wow, Viv. You sleep late. Hats off to you for being able to stay awake and see the world go by at such a quiet time of the day. Such a fine hotel room, and a fine coffee machine. I don’t drink coffee, but I am sure it makes good coffee 🙂

    • Mabel, the second night we were flat out … 3 hours sleep in 48 hours it was bound to happen. So the next morning we where on track.
      The coffee came out great, but that was the only time we used the machine. Maybe tomorrow!!! I love my coffee.

    • Yes, my sweet Chicago too …. been hotter than hot – but after this afternoon’s storm .. it has cooled down and became very pleasant. Last day tomorrow. Las Vegas on Sunday, there it’s seriously hot. *smile

    • Karen, it’s so great to be back – today it has gone a bit cooler – been hotter than hot.
      Heather, her mum and we had a great evening together.
      She are just like I had imaging her, just lovely.

    • Yes, it was a big one this time … and very painful, my poor feet in all that heat. 10 days of oven baking. Found a pair of sandals that saved my mind and body in Las Vegas,.

  2. Hi there, lovely lady! 🙂 And a very kind lovely lady, too!
    What a great welcome home- my T-shirt and a postcard as well! I am thoroughly undeserving but very happy. Thank you so much, Vivi. Looking forward to hearing about the whole trip when you come back down to earth. I got home in the early hours of this morning so am still in the Algarve in my head (but the body is here!) Many hugs! 🙂

    • Hi there, lovely ….. so glad that you have received the t-shit and my post cards. It’s my true pleasure.
      Arrived home yesterday afternoon and now the body clock is all messed up again … but not so bad as in Chicago. We had a very adventures trip especially when I started to get problems with my bank card in Las Vegas. Nearly got a heart attack every day … worked and declined … worked and declined. .. and in Vegas you need money.

      • Yes, I made it … but there were some human suffering involved – the first two days in Vegas, until I found some relief in a pair of Aerosole sandals.
        And tonight I can’t sleep again … it drives me mad. *laughing
        Middle of the night hug …

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