vienna cried

vienna cryingAfter days of oven heat – already on Monday afternoon there was falling soft raindrops, but on Tuesday, my day of departure the sky was very heavy grey and I could smell that rain was coming.

Carol had to go to work and Robert was going to spend time with the chimney sweepers – so I was on my own again. Even their cute little cat, Fluffy, wasn’t in the mood. *smile

There hadn’t been much shopping done on my behalf – so I decided to visit the shopping mall down the road from my friends house. And there was some money spent in the end. I didn’t feel the greatest, my right knee was so sore. My friends lives 4 floors up without a lift plus all the tourist walking in the overheated Vienna had put strain on my knee.

So it took a while before I entered the shopping mode, but when I got started I did pretty good. Bought some presents for girlfriends at home, some skin products and gift bags and ribbons. Of course there was a coffee break included with a delicious cake; a raspberry dream.

With one day travel coupon left – I took off to have a closer look at  Vienna’s Spittelau plant, “Fernwärme Wien” (district heating plant) – also designed by the wired and wonderful  Mr Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

There are only traffic roads all around the magnificent building, but with all his buildings is really difficult to make them justice, because they are so different to get the whole buildings in one shot and show how impressive they truly are.

I took the D tram to Spittelau stop and by then it had started to rain, but not a heavy rain. I walked up against the entrance of the plant and Oscar went into working mode.

After about 45 min in the rain was it time for lunch and I found a lovely cafe oppesite the tram stop on Augass, that had bagels as specialty and I went for a schnitzel bagel, after all I was still in Vienna. Great coffee, they had their own coffee roastery since 1685. “The Roast”, is the name of the place. Very friendly and pleasant, but only take cash. So they took my last Euro bill.just a pretty lamp

Around 3pm I was back “home” and it was time for close the suit case, a brand new … Samsonite. My old suitcases had been smoke damaged in the fire. It was time to say goodbye to Vienna for this time.

The traffic out to the airport was standing still more or less, road works … so Robert (ex limosine driver) took us through the back roads.

Very quick checking and I was surprised that at Vienna’s new airport; the security check didn’t happen until you reach the gate area. Worked very well, because that means that not all have to que up through the same secuirty check. My depature gate was in section C.

But with passing the tax free shop before the security check .. wonder how that would have worked if I had bought something in bottles over 100ml???!!! I’m sure they have a system for that too. flying in the sunset

I shopped a Gustav Klimt Christmas bauble to one of my friends, and a fridge magnet to another – plus some Austrian chocolate to myself before boarding the plane.

As I walked along the gangway to the plane and looked out through the small “portholes” … I could see that Vienna was crying over me leaving, big heavy tears.

Flight went well and we landed into the most beautiful sunset in Copenhagen. No passport control and my luggage arrived very quick, but I missed my train and had to wait for about 30 min – the train journey home is another story; it was overcrowded, uncomfortable and a story that don’t need to be told.

Vienna, see you again next year!!!

“Don’t cry because it’s over,
smile because it happened.”
Dr. Seuss



19 thoughts on “vienna cried

  1. I love this post, Vivi! So many fascinating photos and a ‘whole story’ in here. 🙂
    The architecture is amazing! I never really fancied Vienna but you’ve made it irresistible.
    I was watching Michael Portillo’s railway journeys across Europe during the week and he visited Vienna too. Oh, those cafes and cakes 🙂

    • Jo, there is only so many images you can take of beautiful building and statues. I had enough of them and Vienna is full of them, absolute everywhere – I rather look of a window or and a beautiful angle on building.
      So glad you like my images … Vienna is a lot more than cakes and coffee. *smile A very romantic city.

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