a filling sandwich – zumba bruschetta

full viewSo it is time for our Zumba Wednesdays to start again, but this season I have to turn it down, because of my sore knee – first season I lose out on in 3 years, not fun at all. But my physio say no to Zumba for just now.sandwich page

So I decided to invite some of my closest dancing partners for a girly evening  – and then I wanted to try something new, normally I do a salad followed by some dessert filled with calories and feeling good. Nothing fancy, just something most girls like and enjoy together with a good wine.bruschetta

This time I got the idea from “Lidl” our budget supermarket, that’s German, excellent products. When I worked on the ferries between Gothenburg and Kiel I always did my weekly shopping with Lidl or Aldi. They had an Italian theme week and sold a brochett bread that I just couldn’t recite.

So I will give this fantastic sandwich the name “Zumba Brushcettas” – and it’s a big “sandwich” – like a small pizza, so it took more than one hour before the girls could manage the dessert.sandwich page 2

Zumba Bruchettas, serves 4
4 bruchetta slices, medium – mine was large
8 small carrots
200 gr (7oz) goat’s cheese
2 large chicken breast
120gr (4.25oz) diced bacon
250gr (8.8oz) cocktail plum tomatoes
1 red onion, cut in thin wedges
200ml (6.7 oz) walnuts, very roughly chopped
10 ml (1dsp) fresh thyme (used dried)
5 ml (1tsp) Herbes de Provence (used frozen)sandwich page 3

Oven +180C/350F, 45min.

1. Put the carrots in ovenproof dish with a small amount of olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Because I used 2 big carrots I divided the carrot in the middle first, for about 20 min. Then add the onion wedges and halved tomatoes. Stir in with the carrots and bake for another 15 min, until the carrots are soft.
2. On the same time as putting the carrots in oven – put also the chicken breasts with the bacon in a separate dish. The chicken breast you can season to your own liking. I used frozen herb marinated chicken breast.close up

3. Brush the bread with olive oil mixed with the Herbes de Provence on both sides and grill the bread slices on both sides too.

4. Slice the carrots and the chicken breasts – dived with the rest of the ingredients over the grilled bread slices and put big chunks of goat cheese on top and sprinkle the walnuts over.

5. Put the bruchettas back in oven until the goat cheese has melted or got a golden nice color. Before serving drizzle some honey over the sandwiches, season with salt and black pepper – if using fresh thyme – add some springs as garnish, on the sandwich.wine page

I didn’t serve anything with this sandwich – more than a chilled South African Sauvignon Blance, Cape Spring … together with my great company. As dessert we had a classic – Coupe Denmark, vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce, nothing of it was home made. There is a limit to how much time I put down in my cooking those days. *smile

The fine dinning days are gone, I hope – there is so many good restaurants out there … for that. new year ice cream - framed

 “Fitness: if it came in a bottle,
everybody would have a great body.”


34 thoughts on “a filling sandwich – zumba bruschetta

  1. This is fabulous and I’ll have it tomorrow since all needed at home 🙂 ! Since I have my grocery shopping done on line and worry about the almost 100 km distance [big, bad carbon footprint] I kind’of freaked when I saw Landskrona > Kiel, which to my mind equates 240 kms!! OK, saw you did it en route on a job 🙂 ! !!!! Love the goat’s cheese and walnuts . . . Oh, by the bye am ‘going fishing’ for the month of September to catch up with real life . . . will be reading at least some blogs but see you after . . .

    • Now those days, we have Lidl just down the road and I’m free from hampering on and off the boat and … 4 floors up without a lift – those was the days … no pain anywhere. *smile
      The first time I had goat’s cheese was in Menton and it was growing in my mouth – in the early 70’s … and I didn’t eat it again until 30 years later, when I but it on our menus – grilled with walnuts and honey … our guests loved it.
      Now I eat it every week in some shape.
      100km for you grocery shopping … WOW!!!!

    • Thank you for the compliment!!!!
      The same for me – most of the time, they don’t grill the bread long enough before putting on the filling and also when putting it back in oven … straight on the rack – so heat reaches from underneath too.

  2. Now that looks outstanding … and I imagine the wine was a good match …. and then ice cream!!!! However, being at an all girly event with all that girly chatter probably wouldn’t have been good for me. Yet now I see you have a sorry knee to go with your sorry ass. Oh my my. Give it some rest!

    • I know … my knee started to play up during my visit to Istanbul … and they have found through x-ray that I have 2 “bone-growths” in my right knee. But nobody has come back to me any information about what needs to be done.
      Mostly problems during night strangely enough. So I think even Argentine tango is out of the questions just now.
      Frank, I think you would had been a great asset to a girly party *smile

      • Because you haven’t heard what to do for the knee, the best you can do is probably anti-inflammatory medication and rest.

        Regarding the party …. Oh my my … I get to be a gigolo?

      • Frank .. I don’t have an inflammation I have two large bone growths in my right knee. What ever that means, I had a really bad fall at works about 6 years ago and I think it comes from that.

        No, no gigolo … pure entertainment. *smile

      • I understand … well … then drink plenty of alcohol!

        No gigolo? 😦 … Oh well … I converse well … but will have may credit card scanner standing by if needed.

        By the way …. I hope you drop by today.

      • No gigolo … because I don’t think we would know how to use one *smile
        At least not me. *laughing.
        But I think it’s great that you are prepared for going down to business.. if needed to. Credit card accepted, excellent.
        Frank, see you in a couple of weeks *smile

  3. A delicious looking sandwich, Viveka. That lively zumba music had me debating whether I should give zumba another try when we get back to our gym in Florida. 😕 Hope your knee is soon better. It must be very frustrating for you. xx

    • Thanks, Sylvia …. it become a great sandwich, but too big – but everyone finished it.
      I love the zumba and I’m so upset that my knee have stopped this season, hopefully they will do something about the problem. I’m in such a pain and especially during night.
      I suggest you give the a zumba another try – it’s also down to the instructor, I have great girl.

    • Yes, I remember your post… and I found a restaurant … by “Rose” something. You were going to ask you dad about the restaurant.
      I have to look it up again.

    • RoSal’s – is the name of the restaurant .. and it’s one of the OPENTABLES award restaurant for 2014. Have to check it out more, but the don’t have a website.

  4. Shame about the zumba, Vivi, but I think I’ll stay home with you and eat 🙂 No walnuts, please- I’ll try some other nuts.
    On Saturdays I usually hop/wiggle my way home with one of our zumba tunes in my head (discreetly, of course!) 🙂

    • Girlfriend, you are a sweetheart. What a lovely thought … you and I eating us through every Wednesday for 10 weeks. You carry on with your Zumba and I’m so envy, going to miss it – but I will go down there and visit during the weeks.
      You don’t like walnuts – okay, there is loads of other nuts out there – ready to be used. *smile

      • Morning, Vivi 🙂 Are you almost ready for the next adventure? I should manage to pop over there in a little while. (after zumba and when I’ve finished my 6WS post, of course 🙂 )

      • I will pop over to you during the weekend. Anna-Liisa is arrriving today – so I need to get my house in order.
        I’m so ready as I can be … only packing left and me, headless in that case.

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