weekly photo challenge – fray II

This is my second gallery on this week’s subject – fray.

I’m going in another direction. It’s a very interesting word and it has really captured my imagination. A word that I have never come across before, but there is a first time of everything. *smile

The camera is no more an instrument of preservation; the image is…
Berenice Abbott

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17 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – fray II

    • Thanks, Jo … it has been a very wet weekend, but I manage to keep myself and Oscar dry on Saturday, but there wasn’t anything that really blowed my socks off. Sunshine today, lovely.
      Morning hug …

  1. These are brilliant interpretations of the challenge Viveka! I haven’t found a single shot in my archives that fits right. Off to check out your first entry.

    • Madhu, I was really struggling with this subject – but I like to get close up to broken, damaged and old things … so when I looked through my files I found quite a few and I try to use images that I already have in my media library, so I don’t waste space more than I have too.

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