weekly photo challenge – fray


A word I never heard before – I’m told by Google that it comes from the middle of England. I have lived in UK for 20 years and I can’t recall I ever heard it. And never used it myself … but it makes the subject a lot more interesting.
Not much wiser after my search on Google, but after some search on my netbook, here is my entry. Maybe the fray isn’t very visible. But believe me it was there when I shoot the images.

Say hello to Spider!
Spider, lives in Victoria on Vancouver Island – with family Young, my friends since over 30 years. Spider is always frayed – so frayed that he has eaten up all his aquarium mates for years now, so soon he gets a new mate, he will be gone in the next morning.
He attacted the glass as I took the images – he is very mean.

spider page

And my second gallery is also from Victoria – this seagull was very frayed … because “he” couldn’t get into the take away box.gull page

“The heat and hunger frayed men’s tempers.“
Colin Falconer

Here in little Landskrona, Southern Sweden, do we have a Photo Festival this Saturday and Sunday, so that is me out and about with my team-mate, Oscar …. my Canon Powershot SX50HS.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Why not join the challenge or least check out all the other entries. Just click on the logo below.

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My choice of cloud for this post just have to be the American band, The Fray .. and one of my favorite track, Be Still.




31 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – fray

    • A-C, but you is an English teacher – so I feel very comfortable in your company in this one. We learn something new every day.

      When I read your earlier comment … my heart nearly stopped, I read it like you had felt to asleep when driving home from school. For God sake, A-C!!!! Thanks for that you had the sense to stop the car when you felt you were too tired to drive.
      Time to retire now … the job has become too tough on you teachers. Not meant to be like this.
      You were so tired before the summer break started – and you have only been back to teaching for a week and you’re tired again. Terrible!!!!!

  1. oh wow the lion fish, the most tempermental fish in the aquarium hobby kingdom, sad though when you can’t keep it with anything else to make it all look more vibrant :-\

    • Thanks for the kind comment, Colleen – I had to take the big thinking cap on for this one.
      Creative, I suppose I’m … or it could be imagination – very good on that.

  2. Vivi – you do not speak English every day so why would you necessarily know and use every word/idiom!! So ‘once more into the fray of things, my friend’ may indeed be something you simply have not ‘stored’ 🙂 ! Love your photos and hope the weekend rolling around is interesting . . .

    • Eha, I really like the word … and it fantastic how we learn something new every day !!!
      The weekend was very wet and full of autumn, but I manage to keep my Saturday dry. But the festival didn’t blow my socks off and I had excepted, a bit strange …. most of it. Great day together with a girlfriend.

    • Thanks, Frank! I didn’t really know what to look for .. in my photo files, becuase I didn’t really understand the word.
      But lion fish is serious frayed.

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